Sunday, November 16, 2008

I Want an Inviting Home!!!

If you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you know that Hubs and I moved from Ohio to Missouri in June of 2007. We moved into a very small box house, which was built before indoor plumbing was an obtainable luxury. Don't worry, when we moved in, there was indoor plumbing, but I'm giving you an idea of how long ago this house was built.

When we moved here, we quickly realized that not only does this house require many necessary improvements, but we also desired (and needed) more space. So, we put an addition on the house, which doubled its size. Then, we talked, planned, and started dreaming about how beautiful and comfortable it would be when it was finished.

(c) Misty DawnS

Well, now that I've found a new amazing website called, I'm finding myself doing more and more dreaming about how beautiful and comfortable my home will eventually be!

First, let's talk about the beautiful home lighting offered by Inviting Home. Specifically, I want to talk about Crown Molding Lighting. It's SO cool! You really do need to go see it for yourself! These lights go along the molding at the top of your walls, and it is so beautiful! You can also get this type of lighting to go along the baseboard molding, which I think would be awesome along the baseboard molding in the hallways!

I especially like the Crown Molding Lighting, as you can tell. It is beautiful and useful. Not only that, it also goes wonderfully with their beautiful Crown Molding, which they have several varieties and styles of so you can find the perfect accents for your home.

See, there I go dreaming again, but, trust me, if you start looking at the various beautiful items on this website, such as their decorative hardware, you too will be dreaming and coming up with ideas to beautify your home in no time.

My friends, they have dragonfly pulls for cabinets and cupboards!!! You know that I seriously need some of those, especially since my bathroom is going to have a dragonfly and butterfly theme! Oh yes, I can envision it now -- the dragonfly pulls will beautifully compliment the photos I will have printed and framed to hang on the wall.

(c) Misty DawnS

By now, I'm sure you can see why I'm so excited. Well, quit reading my ramblings - get over to and start dreaming and envisioning for yourself!



Misty I did not realize you are in Missouri! We moved from MO about 6 years ago. :) But will be coming to visit next weekend (third time this year) - Joplin MO area. :)


Those are so cool cupboard pulls!!!


I love this dragonfly photo. Lovely! And thanks so much for visiting my Begonias photo for Flowers for Today last week. I really appreciate it. Sara

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