Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I've had a secret for a little while... I am going to Ohio on Friday and will be there during Thanksgiving week. I was keeping quiet about it, because I wanted to surprise my dad and my aunt who raised me.

Well, I have now told them both that I'm going to be there, because we've received some very bad news in our family. You see, I only have two aunts, and they are twins. I lived with my grandparents and aunt, and my other aunt lived in Michigan.

My aunt who lived in Michigan has just been told she has cancer in her pancreas and liver. It is inoperable. They will start her on chemotherapy to try to slow it down, and they will put her on medication for the pain. Her four children (my cousins) are all making arrangements to go spend time with her. The youngest of her four children recently had a baby, which made her a grandma for the first time.

The responsible and logical part of me knows that these things happen...
But, for right now, I'm letting the whiny part of me vent. Sometimes life just doesn't seem fair.



You KNOW you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers, Misty. ♥


Misty my prayers and thoughts are with you and your family! (((hugs)))


Big hugs!!!


I'm so sorry to hear about your aunt Misty. It is devastating when someone you love gets news such as this. My thoughts are with you and I will remember your aunt when sending Reiki. x


I'm very sorry to hear this. You're right - it's not fair!


I am so sorry to hear about your sad news. It's so nice that your aunt has a family that cares enough to drop what they are doing to make arrangements to visit her.

Sending you warm hugs from Michigan.


{{hugs}} I am so sorry. I know how excited you were about surprising and spending times of happiness with your family. My heart is with you and yours. I hope your aunt is comfortable.

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