Thursday, November 13, 2008

Making My Lists of Good and Bad

The holidays are fast approaching, and the lists are getting longer. I have lists of presents to buy, ingredients I need for those scrumptious holiday treats, places to go, and preparations to complete. Sometimes I think I need to make a list of my lists! There's one list, though, which does not follow the 'joyous' or 'fun' the items on the other list form to create. I hate to say it, but this particular list fills me with dread, worry, and the feeling of being overwhelmed. This list I speak of is the dreaded "bills to be paid" list.

Yes, unfortunately, even though the holidays are supposed to bring fun and joy, the bills still arrive in the mailbox, and the creditors expect to be paid, regardless of what time of year it is. In our household, January is the month that is being dreaded, because when we sat down and started analyzing things, we realized that ALL the big bills, such as health insurance, auto insurance, same as cash promotions, and property taxes will all be due during the same month... January. That's also the month immediately following Christmas - the time of gift buying and giving. Then, we throw in the fact that we are still living in a half-finished house and our vehicles both need some attention in a repair shop. When you put all the ingredients in this list together and add it all up, the result really does not equal a "Happy New Year" to us.

Why am I sitting here pouring out my heart to you of the things I'm stressing about? It's because we've all been there, and we all continue to, unfortunately, experience months and situations such as this. So, I wanted to tell you about an option which may help 'take the edge-off' when you really need some help. It's called "ThinkCash". Now, before you think, "This isn't for me." and dismiss this post, please take some time to find out about their personal loans. Think Cash is a short term loan company that exists to assist in situations exactly as this, a.k.a. emergency situations.

Whether you need emergency money for repairs, holiday necessities, a new vehicle because someone totaled yours and took off (like what happened to my BBFF Tammy recently), or because you have got behind and need to avoid bouncing checks, ThinkCash can help. You simply fill out your application for between $250 to $2,500, at any time, and receive a decision within seconds after submitting it. If approved, people can have those needed cash loans the very next day! In my opinion, the main benefit with ThinkCash loans, and the thing that sets it apart from payday loans, is the low rates, which are up to 75% lower than payday loans.

I'm not writing this post to 'sell you' on this company. I'm writing this to show you that there is help out there when you have an emergency and need it. Now, I've got another list I find myself referring to; it's a list provided on the website of ThinkCash called "12 Steps Out of Debt", and I've learned some good tips from that list. Besides, in their list, they tell me to make lists, and since I'm a list-kinda-girl, they immediately got my attention!


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