Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sky Watch Friday

If the following Sky Watch photo doesn't scream "Farm girl livin' in a farming community",
I don't know what does ;-)

Yes, you all know me as someone who loves taking photos of
butterflies, dragonflies, bugs, flowers
dogs, cats, farm animals, wildlife,
clouds, moon, sunsets, and the occasional sunrise.
However, today, I will admit to you something else which
I can't resist photographing...

Yes, I'll admit it...

I can't resist shooting...

Farm equipment.
(Yes, I have serious issues and need lots of help)

(c) Misty DawnS

Whether it's a Deere or an Allis (we really like Allis in this family);
a combine, tractor, baler, harrow, or wagon;
orange, green, red, blue, or yellow...

I'll admit it...
I like photographing not only farm animals, but also
farm equipment.
(Yes, I have issues)

Click here to check out more Sky Watch participants or to join in on the fun yourself.



It looks a little lonely there on the horizon. :)
Great shot Misty.


Cool shot of the green tractor against the blue sky :)


You know, I really like this shot! :D


That make is new to me. A formidable beast.


The wide sky makes it look small.
I like to take pictures of machinery, too, and I think they have their very own beauty.


Cool picture with wonderful sky!


I love the compositon of this photo. And such a beautiful blue colour. Great pick for SWF! :)

Dawn Fine

ha ha...great girl you are...


Great farm skywatch shot, I thought it was a moon

Jane Hards Photography

It screams girl it screams and it's a beauty too.


Nothing wrong with a pretty piece of farm equipment. And when there's a pretty sky behind it, all the better.


I like your issues. :P

That sky is gorgeous, too.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy

Misty: Definetly a great sky with John Deere Green in front.

Debbie@Like a Rose

Great shot. I'd title is "America's Heartland"


Yes, I liked this photo, and I also have dogs keeping me sane ;)
Enjoy your weekend!!

david mcmahon

Dough, a Deere


I'm with you there. It's a beauty.

EG CameraGirl

Hey! I like to shoot farm equipment too. ;-)

Lilli & Nevada

great capture of the sky and the equipment makes for a perfect photo shot

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