Thursday, November 20, 2008

Stop the Ride, Please

I have been on such an emotional roller coaster for the past few weeks. I'm completely exhausted... emotionally and physically.

At one point, I am absolutely jumping for joy, dancing around the room, unable to contain myself, ecstatic. For once, this excitement isn't about Fentraphen, it is because I am going to Ohio and going to see my family. I am looking forward to time with my dad, the wolf, my aunt, and cousins more than words can say.

At other points, I am a mumbling fool with tears streaming down my face because my heart is breaking for my aunt, her husband, my cousins, and the rest of us. Our family isn't the 'see your extended family once every few years and forget it' type. In our family, it has always been a matter of we MUST see each other every year, or we can't deal. Since I was raised by my grandparents, rather than aunts, uncles, and cousins, these relatives were more like second moms, dads, and siblings to me. OK, let's change he subject - I'm crying again, and I've got to leave for work in a little bit.

HEY, I've been interviewed by My interview is supposed to be posted on their homepage today. It isn't there yet, but when it is, I'd be thrilled to hear what y'all think.



Great interview at, Misty! And a good photo of you and your one of your pets.

Well done, my friend.


I read the interview, it ROCKED!!!

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