Sunday, December 7, 2008

Big News, Random Thoughts, & Other Stuff

I've got news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All of your good wishes and support worked!!!

I was officially offered a new job, and I'm super relieved, excited, and happy! Not only is this a position which will allow me to reach for my potential and learn new things... I will also receive absolutely fantastic benefits! I can NOT begin to tell you how wonderful this is for me!

Now for some random thoughts...

Yesterday, I started decorating my house for Christmas. My tree is up but doesn't have any ornaments on it, because I need to find extension cords for the lights first.

My favorite Christmas decoration I own is my "Fishing Santa" that my cousin got for me the Christmas right before we moved.

I need to decorate my blog for Christmas... ummmm... immediately!

I'm strongly considering starting one of those 'photo-a-day' blogs for 2009. You think I should?

I'm super-duper excited I'll be here to spend Christmas and New Years with y'all! WooooHooo



Outstanding news on the new job! Hummm...a photo a day for 2009. Interesting.


This post is made out of all kinds of awesome! I'm happy for you! Enjoy your new job! When do you start?

Have fun decorating! We need to do that today as well.

Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis)

Whoopeeee! Congrats on the new job!!


Congrats on the new job Mist! I hope this means less hours running around like a maniac?


Congratulations again Dork! I wanna see the fishing Santa!!! Don't worry we'll decorate your blog ASAP. Love ya!


Congratulations on the new job!!!!


Congratulations! :)


Hey Misty,

Stopping by from Tammy's blog. Wanted to say hello and I will be back...



Yay on the new job! :) Another blog? :)

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