Saturday, December 6, 2008

Camera-Critters #35

Most of you know that on the Friday before Thanksgiving, I flew back to Ohio to see my family. On the day I flew to the Cleveland airport, Cleveland was expected to receive one to two feet of snow. I, of course, did not know this, because I was up in an airplane completely oblivious to the fact that my two dads were driving 25 miles per hour on treacherous interstates so they could come and get me.

What? Oh, you're wondering about the 'my two dads' part, aren't you? Well, you see - I have my original dad... aka my first dad... aka the one who played a part in my creation ;-) Then, I have my "second dad"... he's one of my dad's best friends, and I love him more than words can express.... So, I claim him as my second dad ;-)

OK, back to the originally scheduled post...

Anyway... they made it to the airport, my plane landed, I jumped in the car with my two dads, and I probably didn't stop smiling for nine days :-D

We went back to Second Dad's house, hung out and visited for awhile, my Second Dad gave me some of his homemade pickled beets (yummmmm), we talking about remodeling stuff like how to install Danze faucets (both my dads do remodeling work), and then Dad (the original Daddy) and I left to head back to his house.

Just down the road from Second Dad's house, I saw this and said, "Dad look!"

(c) Misty DawnS

No, I didn't just call you guys turkeys!
In the photo... in the field...
They're turkeys!
Lots of em!

Guess someone forgot to tell them that
Thanksgiving was less than a week away!
(c) Misty DawnS

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Wow, I've never seen so many of those before. Very cool! I'll be online in a little while. I just dragged my butt outta bed. hehe


I bet there is nothing left now!

i beati

Wow how many at once- rare to see Sandy Take the snow away from me ./!!!


wow! what a very interesting post, love the Turkeys, if I'm not mistaken they are more than 25.


Oh the poor turkeys are oblivious to their fate! :0

Lilli & Nevada

Oh wow that is a lot of turkey's
sure sounds like you had a great time with your two dad's Lucky you.


How cool to have two dads. Yes these were brave turkeys. Hope they all found hiding places.


We see a lot of turkeys in the fields around here, too. So far I haven't taken any pictures though.

Glad your dads made it safely to the airport to pick you up.


I think your turkeys are wonderful, and very appropriate for the season.


That's so awesome you have two dads! And I love all the turkeys. Awesome catch!!


Oh my!!! That is a lot of turkeys!!!

EG CameraGirl

Those turkeys sure were living dangerously so close to T-day!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy

Misty: Hard to believe you would call all your visiting freinds Turkeys. Neat capture.


Living in the city I never get to see such a sight! Great pics :)


That's a lot Turkeys and great catch!


Oh I just never thought that there would be wild turkeys but now I realise that I have at least heard the frase before. Still they certainly live far better than the farmed ones so if it where a choice between eating one shot from the wild or a domestic one it would be the one taken from the wild every time. Still I don't eat turkey or pigs or cows or chickens. Sheep and reindeer is borderline for special occations as they at least have their freedom for a lot of the time before the slaughter.
Anyway the images are great and again I learned something new. Also love this meme of yours to which I am a new participator all the way from Finland (wonderful how the web makes our world such a small place). I especially love the freedom this meme gives for people to post images of any animals or insects instead of just drawing the line at domestic pets. Thanks for keeping it.


Hi Misty,
Thanks for commenting on my blog. We do have quite a bit in common. My hubby has lived in our small town since he was nine months old. I was born in Iowa but raised in So. Calif and Nevada. Moving to Ohio in 1986. I just love Ohio though!!It is home.
Hubby and I went to see Sugarland and Little Big Town this past April. What a great concert it was.
You take care.


Oh yeah....GREAT turkey photo's!!


Great capture Misty!
I saw a lot of this last fall and early winter but not much this year. I just get some stragglers now and then.


I always enjoy watching wild turkeys. If Ben Franklin had had his way, they would've been our national bird.

Teena in Toronto

They're turkeys?

Thanks for stopping by mine :)


Super capture Misty. I guess that would be a rafter of Turkeys. Do you think there are some corn kernels in that field?


Wow... look at all of the turkeys! Great shots, Misty!


Great photos.How lucky to have so many.
This is my first time on Camera critters.
Have a great week.


Those free-range turkeys taste so much better than the shed raised ones. Ooops, perhaps I should have whispered that. I would hate for them to have heard - - - :)


So many of them! All set for dinner tables.


That's a whole lot of turkeys! I prefer farm-raised turkey. I've tried wild once, but it's too dry and gamy for my taste.


Pickled beets, yum? I'll take your word for it. ;)

Glad you had a great time!


Your photos are wonderful. I have never seen so many in one spot before. Great photo.


Gobble-gobble... they need better camo ;)


Yes, those turkeys live dangerously :-) Great photos, also because of the snow lining in the field.


Looks like you should have had your choice of yummy turkeys. :)

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