Saturday, December 13, 2008

Camera-Critters #36

Santa, preparing for the big night, called some of the crew
together for a meeting.
In attendance were:
Molly aka Santa's Helper
Taggy the Black & White Reindeer
Maggie May aka Tiny Elf
(c) Misty DawnS

Finally, Santa called the meeting to order,
and the crew came to attention.
Santa's Helper complained that, just because he has antlers,
Taggy the Black & White Reindeer thinks
he can push everyone around.
Taggy the Black & White Reindeer responed
that he could, in fact, push everyone around
and he would, in fact, push everyone around.
And, if someone didn't like it, he'd show them
right out the door, with his great reindeer herding instincts.
Finally, Santa had heard enough and told them both that
they were going on his LIST!
(c) Misty DawnS

Tiny Elf wondered...
(c) Misty DawnS

Do ya think they're distracted enough for me to eat this hat?

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OMG!!! That is the cutest thing ever!!!!

Shannon H.

Awwwwwww just too cute! How did you get them to keep the hats on?

Daisy Cat

So cute! I have never had a dog that would have kept a hat on long enough to take photos!

Your EG Tour Guide

Very cute post. I think YOU must be the alpha dog though to get them to wear the antlers and hat. ;-)


I love their costumes it's adorable.


Lol! Misty... this is the cutest post ever! Thanks for putting a HUGE smile on my face this morning!


I love your doggie dialogues. hehe hoho
Hey, how did I get onto Mr. Linky? He wasn't there last time. Must have been that good elf Mr. Linky's helper. Thank you! ;)

fishing guy

All dressed up and no Santa to take the out.


Aw, poor babies! How do we get them off of "the list"?

Pagan Sphinx

They're a very cute crew. And very patient, too! Good doggies...

Faye Pekas

LOL, what our pets will put up with for the people they love. Great shots.

i beati

This is hilariously wonderful, especially holding the antlers and head hilarious hahahhahahahah bwahhhh


Awe! that's sooo cute and beautiful.

Sara G

Too Too Cute!!!
I wish mine would keep hats on, but they wrestle with them until they are off!!


Well that's just too cute and festive.


They certainly gave you their undivided attention!! Great attentive, hard to get these kinds of photos, esp when there are three of them. Great job, Misty!

~TAMY 3 Sides of Crazy~

They look adorable - my pups (Gunner anyway) wouldn't sit still for those!


They're so cute! and my favorite colors - black and white with red.


Cute, beautiful photographs!


Perfect for this Christmas!
They have cooperated with you so well. :)


Santa would be proud!!


Oh, that's too cute! I'm so impressed with their tolerating the get up...what good doggies!

ChrisC and JonJ

How cute!Our animals will never do that!

Raising Addie

Oh your guys are sooo beautiful!!

I LOVE love love your holiday hats!

I know Santa Paws is going to visit your house this year!



Too cute for words! Have a wonderful Sunday! :)


Oh my goodness, they look so darn cute.


they are so adorable, gorgeous dogs..


Hi Misty! they are so lovely and beautiful with their hats to hug and kiss..


They're so cute! I can't imagine them just laying so peacefully with their hats on. :-)




They definitely look at attention! And they look like they're eagerly waiting Christmas morn. :)


So cute! What beautiful dogs you have!


hahaha, so cute! lucky you that they accept the hats :)), ours will have dragged them to the mud already :))...


Oh my lord. HAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!!

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