Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Heads or Tails *This Time of Year*

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This week's theme is TAILS -"This Time of Year".

Sorry, I don't have a photo for you for this HoT, because I'm at work. I left early to head to work, in order to beat the Winter storm which is predicted to start in about 45 minutes. (but just because it isn't expected until 45 minutes from now, doesn't mean it won't start sooner) Which leads me to what I most dislike about this time of year...

The weather!!! No, I should clarify that... it's not the "weather" in itself... it's driving in the bad weather... that's what I dislike most about this time of year.

I'm sorry to be a 'downer', but I'm just being honest here. Driving in bad Winter weather scares the heck outta me! I don't mind driving in the snow so much anymore, because I have 4-wheel drive, but the ice.......... UGH I hate ice!!! There is NO driving on ice... you don't drive on ice, you simply slide on ice. *sigh*

I'm very, very lucky (and relieved and grateful) though, because at my new job, everyone is very, very understanding, and their motto about driving in bad weather is "It isn't worth the risk". Have I mentioned I love my new job and the people I work with?

What do I like most about this time of year?
Time spent with friends and family...
the lights...
the decorations...
the music...
the love...
the food (just keepin' it real here)...
the time off work (see parenthesis above hehe)...

and taking time to remember the real 'reason for the season'.

Happy Christmas Eve Eve Everyone!



Bad weather does put a damper on Christmas activities. Heck, it puts a damper on anything that involves leaving the house LOL. Be safe Misty!

Robyn Jones

Drive carefully, and merry Christmas...


Misty, thank you so much for your kindness. ((((hugs))) to you my friend. Talking is a two way street :) I am here if YOU need to vent or talk!



I think about winter the same as you. It's OK if I'm inside all toasty warm. (Like now while I've sent Mike out to finish up our shopping. :P)

Speaking of Mike.. I got him an RC helicopter for Christmas. Hehee :)

I LOVE the picture of your puppies in their holiday clothes!!!

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!


Bad weather driving scare me too! Congrats on your new job, and Merry Christmas to you and your family :)

Hootin' Anni

I sooooooooooooooo hate, yes, the word is HATE to drive in snowy, icy conditions. We lived in Colorado for over 50+ years and we had our share of that white, icky stuff. Thing is, the driving itself, as you say, isn't that bad...what scared the heck outta me is the drivers behind me, in front of me and sliding toward me that had no control of their vehicles...now THAT is scary.

I love everything you listed about the 'good stuff' of the season.

Happy Christmas...may the day be filled with joy and peace for you and yours.

Mom Knows Everything

What were we talking about yesterday...oh yeah...free food rocks! ROFL!!!


I'm lucky I guess. I don't have to drive right now - my car is snowbound, I'm snowbound, I couldn't get out on a bet. And there's more snow falling and another storm on the way. Whewie! And you for sure called the 'good' things about the season! Happy Holidays to you and yours!


Safety is #1! Sorry...slipped into daycare mentality for a moment. What scares me the most about driving in winter weather is the other drivers! Now they're scary! (eep!)
I'm hoping to have a keyboard next year because Poor Hubby was brought up Jehovah's Witness & knows no carols! I promised I'd teach him what I know as soon as I'm able to do it without doing it a capella. (Ouch, no one wants to hear that!)
Happy Tuesday! :)
P.S. It was nice to see your name.

Le Butterfly

Its great that you love your new job. Glad to hear that they are understanding.
It is really scary driving on ice.


I hate driving in the winter weather, too. Luckily we haven't had any ice this year, but we've had plenty of snow. Usually I can adjust my schedule so that I don't have to go out when the weather is bad, and I'm really happy about that. I did have to go out today - didn't want to, but I survived and it wasn't really that bad. Sometimes I worry about things more than I should...

Alice (in BC Canada)

And a happy Christmas Eve eve to you too, haha. I also would rather drive on clear, bare roads, and not not have snow on my driveway. However, with my 4x4 it's not so bad most of the time. I am very used to winter driving. When the roads are really bad I do tend to prefer to stay home now, tho when I was younger even that didn't stop me... crazy, lol.

I wish you and yours a fabulous Christmas... and a most awesome 2009!!

peppylady (Dora)

Sorry I didn't get a chance to stop in yesterday but I busy.
Both my boys are on job down south and the roads here are awful.
I sure worry about them but there not babies anymore.

Coffee is on.

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