Friday, December 5, 2008

Hectic and Hurried

Holy cow! Things will get back to 'normal' right?

Here I thought, I'd get home from visiting with my family, bore you all to tears with stories of my visits, overwhelm you with a multitude of wolfdog photos, and probably causing you to pray that I'd just go back again so I would shut up.

However, none of that has happened (except for the wolfdog photos). Heck, I don't even have my photos off of my camera's memory card yet! Things have been hectic all week, and I am definitely ready for the weekend! SERIOUSLY ready for the weekend... and Camera-Critters (woohoo)!

A couple days ago, I asked for your good thoughts and wishes, and I explained that I couldn't explain yet. Hmmmn, that didn't make much sense did it? Well, anyway, I still can't explain yet, but I need your good thoughts and wishes again today, please. I'll fill y'all in with an explanation as soon as possible. If it all works out... get out the tuxedos and the gowns, cuz we'll be having a blog celebration!!!


Lilli & Nevada

Wow now you really got my curiosity up can't wait to find out what it is.


Well whatever it is that you need the positive thoughts for they are on the way with oodles of Reiki. x


Sending you all kinds of thoughts and good wishes!!!!

and love!


I tagged my BBFF with the Friendship Meme. :o)

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