Saturday, January 3, 2009

Camera-Critters #39

We officially call this meeting to order.
We birds are darn tired of being prejudiced against!
We will not stand for it any longer, eh!
You're darn straight we've got our feathers ruffled!
Worried about the fish, eh?
Of COURSE we say 'eh' - we are CANADIAN geese!
You put up a sign protecting the fish...
but what about "No BIRDING", eh?
Keep these prejudicial actions up, and
we'll up and leave for the South - that's what we'll do!
Stick that in your beak and smoke it!
(c) Misty DawnS

And now you know the truth...
WE are responsible for their flying South for the Winter.
It's all our fault!

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Kerri Farley

Oh, a cute one!!

Juliana RW

Like your shot, Misty. Happy New Year

My CC entry this week : in HERE. Hope you have time to visit . Thanks

Linda aka Crafty Gardener

Good shot of the Canada geese. My camera critter entry is up here


Hehehehe.... that was funny! Love it! Your photo is awesome!!

Have a good weekend, eh!

Mountain Retreat- Canada


You crack me up Misty!
Wonderful image and commentary.

Happy New Year to you!

Nikki - Notes of Life

Brilliant and witty! :)

Pat - Arkansas

Very clever commentary, Misty. We have only a few resident birds here, but lots of migratory geese. They love our rice fields.


Nice shot. I got a close of a duck for today.


Good shot great commentary


LOL ... great shot :-)


Hey! It says NO FISHING! LOL But you were "fishing" for a photo :P

Great shot!


I'd be flying south every winter if I could :)

I played too :)


LOL--love the sign...and then I think they walk on water!


Great picture. I did my very first Camera Critters today Great Meme!

Reader Wil

Ha, ha , ha .. thanks for a very hilarious post and poem!


Great photo and commentary. Do the ducks get hunted there?


Great photo.
Happy New Year!!


Cute photo! :-)

This Is My Blog - fishing guy

Misty: Real funny my friend, you know they stay as long as they want even in Ohio. Are those geese walking on water?


It looks like they must have a no swimming sign around there too.


What a great post!! Lovely photo! Thanks for sharing and keeping camera critters running. Thank you for featuring Buddy this past week!!



What a great post!! Lovely photo! Thanks for sharing and keeping camera critters running. Thank you for featuring Buddy this past week!!



aww...cute...thanks for a good chuckle.


Hahahaha...great post, Misty. Wonder if they ever got their sign posted 8v)


Whew, I'm glad they go that off of their chests!

Here's wishing you a wonderful 2009!


Those Canadian geese...I sent them down there to tell you to come to Canada to visit me!!!

Sandra Carvalho

OMG!I liked the other picture , but this one is gorgeous!
Nice work!

Jane Hards Photography

They must be quackers. Fabulous image,

me ann my camera

What a great Canadian picture! Pretty typical of the landscape, eh? :-) Happy Camera Critters Day!


LOL THAT was funny! I hate seeing them on the water, they're on our ponds here and I think they have to be so miserable. I'm ready for warmer weather, the little geese and the deer need a break. xoxo


There are also the signs that say 'Please don't feed the geese.'

Lilli & Nevada

Love the geese i have some on mine too

Poopsie aka Blue

Great shot & loved the accompanying text.

And, Happy New Year to you too!


Arf, arf, arf. I'm a Canadian DOG and I've NEVER said 'eh' in my life. How silly that would sound... Bark, eh. Whoof, eh. Hey... maybe it's not so bad after all, eh.

Arf, arf, arf. ROFLMTO (Rolling On Floor Laughing My Tail Off). Ooops. Now I have not tail. Really!!


Nice captured, and also nice text:-)


How fun to read your commentary for this nifty photo!
Hugs and blessings,


Hahahaha! that's funny..lovely shot of the Canadian geese.


Meoowww new year, Misty!


How cute! You crack me up!

i beati

walking on water again Sandy

David Edward

very funny captioning
I like your style
but I wonder about why your dogs want to wear antlers and Santa hats.

( this from the guy who has worn Shrek ears, hehe )


Tee-hee...very clever. I like the photo too.


Hahaha ! that's not only a beautiful but also funny picture ! Can't you give them reading lessons ?


It does look like the geese are conducting a meeting! I agree with the geese... a NO BIRDING sign should be posted immediately! Lol! Great shot, Misty!

Delilah and Mary

Geese how cute aren't they just the best.

Yes my dog is a boston terrier. I had another one a year ago but I he got very ill and I had to put him to sleep sadly.


i love how they are all standing (floating even) in a row!

and no fishing? prob cause there are none left cause the birds ate them all rofl!

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