Saturday, January 31, 2009

Camera-Critters #43

Every time I look at this picture, it absolutely cracks me up.
It's like he's mimicking the position his toy is in.

(c) Misty DawnS

Matouk, also known as my boyfriend, loves his stuffed animals. Most people are surprised that he doesn't tear them up or destroy them, but it is exactly the opposite - He treasures his toys and takes very good care of them. The parrot in the photo is named Polly. Polly was a gift to Matouk from my very dear friend Bear. When I went to Ohio over Thanksgiving, I took Polly to Matouk. From the moment Matouk laid eyes on Polly, she (Polly) was given the most special treatment you could imagine.

When my dad gets ready for bed each night, he finds Polly in his bed. You see, Matouk takes Polly to the bedroom, pulls the comforter back, places Polly on the pillow, and then covers her with the comforter. I guess he's just making sure his parrot is comfortable and tucking her in for a nap.

I swear, he's the only wolf I know of who owns Beanie Baby stuffed animals!

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I love this photo! I'm still in awe with how Matouk takes care of his stuffed animals. And I am very glad he and Polly are getting along so well. 8v)


great capture! cute to look at because they have the same position, nice to know that Matouk loves to take care of his stuffed animals. Check out my camera critters here and thanks for leaving a comment.

David Edward

cute critter capture


So cute!


That is too funny here.


He does not know he is a wolf. That's what it is.

It's like my cats. One thinks he is a dog and the rest think they are human. Seriously...


Oh that is just the cutest thing. How sweet is that? What a great dog! Big smile!


That is the sweetest thing! He really tucks in Polly? Awesome.

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~

Aww, that story is so sweet and the photo is very cute. :-)


this is such a touching story!! I love Matouk


I wish Molly wouldn't chew up her soft toys so quickly ... this is a cute photo indeed.
Hugs and blessings,

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