Friday, January 30, 2009

Camping for History

With my hectic life right now, I feel like I never have any time to relax. More importantly, I feel like Hubs and I just pass by each other without really 'being with' each other. Eventually, when the bills get caught up, we'll be able to plan vacations. Perhaps Hubs, a lover of history, would like to do some gettysburg camping some day.

Considering how I am clueless when it comes to history, I'm sure I would learn a lot. More importantly, I would be happy as long as Hubs enjoyed himself. If we had an rv, it would be even more fun! I could simply do a search for pa rv camping, and we'd be on our way to a fun vacation.

Hey, my in-laws have a motorhome! Maybe I should do a search for rv camping gettysburg for them! Someday, even if it will probably be quite a ways into the future, Hubs and I will be able to take the time to do the things we dream of and spend quality time together too.



Dude!!! Bring the rv up here and visit me!!!


You are not alone. Sometimes I feel the same about Big D & me. Two ships passing the night and when we are together, we aren't together. I know you know what I mean. Bah! Life.

I've been to Gettysburg. I was a teenager so I don't remember the visual of it. I do remember the feeling of standing on the ground where a part of our nation's history happened. Awestruck.

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