Saturday, January 31, 2009

Downloading Drivers

Many times, I've been told my friends and family that they have a computer peripheral that they are just going to throw away, because they don't have the installation CD for it. I then explain to them that all they need to do is download the proper drivers, and it should work.

Sometimes, this is as simple as going to the manufacturer's website and searching for your product's latest driver. For example, you would go to Hewlett Packard's website to download hp drivers for your printer.

However, sometimes the product you have is not manufactured any longer, and, therefore, the website may not have new or current downloads to make your product work. That is when you can check a site like to look for the driver you need. I'm trying to get a router to work. So, I'll be searching for the correct netgear drivers, and then, hopefully, I'll be up and running!

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