Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Heads or Tails *Loud*

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This week's theme is HEADS -"Loud".

Y'all tired of hearing about my boyfriend yet? Tough, because I never get tired of talking about him ;-) Besides, I've been in pain the last two days, so I'm irritable, which means you have to just put up with me.

Matouk Sings. Matouk Talks. Matouk Mimics. Matouk throws temper tantrums. Matouk Argues.

Matouk is very vocal.

Matouk has no problem expressing himself. Let's just put it that way. ;-)

(c) Misty DawnS

(c) Misty DawnS

And, when you are in the cab of a truck, with the windows up, and Matouk decides that it is time to 'say thanks' for the walk he was just on, and then it is time to let any other wolf who might possibly be within hearing range know that these are Matouk's woods, well, it can get rather loud.

Actually, since he feels he needs to put his muzzle right up against the side of your face (also known as right by your ear), LOUD is an understatement.

He's not always loud though. He has many different tones and pitches, which all mean different things. He's amazing.

Yep, Matouk definitely knows how to express himself.



Hehee.. those videos certainly got Sasha's attention!

Not like I'm an expert on dog noises, but I can HEAR the wolf in him.

I instantly flashed back to the time when he had gone missing, too. I'm SO glad he came back!


He is loud, and he made my calico sit up and take notice.


You got Shamu's attention! lol


An excellent loud post here :-)


Sounds a lot like Annie. She's incredibly noisy. She has a sound for everything & most are loud. One of our favorites is her pig imitation. She really sounds like an oinker. It's strange.


So...what's he saying in the two videos? 8v) Anything about Polly?


Great post!!!

Life With Dogs

I guess you don't have to question what's on his mind! :)


Yep, your boyfriend is loud - and absolutely gorgeous.

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