Monday, January 5, 2009

Heads Or Tails *Three Things Learned in '08*

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This week's theme is TAILS - Three Things You Learned in 2008

Doesn't Barb realize I was too dang busy to take time to learn anything???

OK - since I sometimes do HoT on BOTH blogs (when I set aside proper time), I have to come up with SIX things (three for each blog... 3+3=6)... *sigh* Does it seem like I'm wasting time and avoiding the question? It does? Hmmmm, maybe that's cuz I am.

OK, OK, I'm thinking!

1. I learned that no matter how busy your schedule is... no matter how many jobs you already have... if you really want heat in your bathroom, you can always find time for one more.

2. 2008 taught me that when choosing which photos to enter in a contest, listen to what your Hubs and best male friend give as their opinions and then completely disregard said opinions. If I had listened to them, I would have missed out on two Honorable Mentions, a First Place, and the Best of Show.

3. I've learned that I am an expert addict multi-tasker... seriously! I can blog, play Wordscraper, do other things on Facebook, send e-mails, listen to the tv, work on photos, AND talk to friends/family on three different instant messengers... ALL.AT.THE.SAME.TIME! Yeah, people strive to reach my multi-tasking talents!

4. I learned that Barb appreciates when people stretch (or break) the rules of her meme, and, therefore, I can get away with posting more than three... even if it is a "TAILS" this week, which technically means I HAVE to do what she says. Nah, I don't hafta, she's used to my being contrary.

5. I learned that when you think time can't go by any faster... just wait til next year!

6. And, did you know... the world is going to end on my husband's birthday in ... ummm, I forget the exact year. Seriously! It was on the History Channel... or Discovery... one of those 'teach ya stuff' channels. Yeah... on his birthday! I learned that this year! Talk about being a funsucker! (hehe thanks for that funny Bear)

7. 2008 taught me that a good dose of "Daddy and the Wolf-Boyfriend" is the best cure for depression and sadness.

8. I learned that some of the greatest people you could ever meet and call friends can be people you've never even seen face-to-face... except for when you were impersonating a gangster, crossing your eyes and making fish-faces, or doing some other totally wacky and embarrassing thing on the webcam.

9. And, last, but definitely not least, I learned there's always room for improvement... So, whether your 2008 was absolutely fantastic or plain lousy... 2009 is gonna be better!

Note to Barb... You said "TAILS - Three Things"... well I gave you "Three" "Three Things"... you know how much I like you, right? So, I was thinking you were really liking the number, I took Three times Three... and I EVEN took Three plus Three PLUS Three! And, I did it all for you, cuz we're great friends and stuff (now just shup!) :-P

OH... and I forgot to tell you (gotta do this, just cuz I don't like odd numbers)
I learned there are many people in the blogosphere who love both critters AND photography as much as I. Hence, the highly successful weekend meme, Camera-Critters. I am deeply grateful to all of you for making it the success that it is!



Oh yes, rules are meant to be bent, if not broken. Great list, there.


The year is 2012. Only 3 years away. The thought of the world possibly ending kinda makes all of this fuss seem...unnecessary, doesn't it? Forgive a Grumpy Gussina. I'm havin' a bad day. *small smile*


I totally agree with #8!


Wait.. did you do the gangsta thing for Shannon, too??? You hussy. :P

Hootin' Anni

I like your thinking about 'three, three things'.

And I'm especially fond of your #2! Oh dear, I can't believe how awful that sounds!!! No. 2?!!! Let me rephrase that...I especially like you 2nd one. There, that's better. The part where you ask for male opinions and then, just plain ol' ignore them!!! Yes indeedy!!!

Happy HoT Tuesday. My entry is posted at the top of my blog post!! Come visit if you can find time. Always love to have company such as yourself!!!

Mom Knows Everything

Have you been gangstaing others behind my back??? AWK!!!! ROFL

I got a tag for you on A Little Girl Talk.


Great list for HOT day :) Isn't that something about your hubby's birthday! If I were him I'd be kinda flattered, but at the same time creeped out too! LOL :)

Thanks so much for stopping by!


When you break the rules, you go all out! LOL! You learned a lot of great things this year....even in all your business. :-)


Wow - a wise and fun list! Congrats on your wins and the success of the photo blog. Nice post!


I loved reading your list. You sound so much fun!


Awesome list! I applaud your #3 ... quite talented! Thanks for the kind words and for stopping by - Happy 2009!


You learned a lot! I just want to say: and I learned from Misty, if you don't know what to say, just start rambling on and you'll figure it out. Yeah, that's it.

peppylady (Dora)

It amazing what we all learn this pass year and I'm pushing 50 and I got plenty to learn.

Thanks for stopping in and the coffee is on.


prediction of the world ending is scary isnt it!

i think there was suppose to be a date it was due to happen last year and obviously never happened. you could worry yourself sick over stuff like that couldnt you! (especially on hubby's bday :o )


Wow, #3 is making my head spin.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

The Gal Herself

I admire you for #3. I am nowhere NEAR as computer savvy as you are. Just as computer addicted, perhaps, but not as savvy!

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