Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Innnovative Gadgets for Your Pets

When I got home yesterday, Tag was waiting at the door, because he wanted to go outside for a while. When he came back inside, I watched, with a sad heart, as he hobbled through the room and flopped down on the floor.

My poor boy seems to be in pain more often now. It used to be that he would only be sore after running and 'working' all day on the farm. Now, however, he seems to always be hurting, and it breaks my heart. We assume that he suffers from arthritis, and with the fact that Tag always does everything at 110%, that arthritis is flaring on a regular basis.

Now that Maggie May sleeps in her crate when we aren't there to keep an eye on her to prevent 'Ms. Scissorteeth' from eating anything she can get her teeth on, we have been more serious about looking for a bed for Tag, in order to provide him a more comfortable place to sleep and rest.

Well, I discovered a website which has the perfect solution! This website advertises the company as - Innovative Pet Products, and they aren't kidding. They have the coolest and most innovative products not just for dogs, but for all varieties of pets. I'm not kidding. When I found this site, I intended to just look at dog beds, but I found myself spending an hour viewing all the other awesome products they offer.

I found a great bed, which would be perfect for Tag. It's called the K & H Thermo Bed, and, not only could he just rest on it without having to climb up on it, it also has a heater buried in the orthopedic foam of the bed! However, I couldn't stop myself with just finding a bed for Tag. also has the coolest dog bed, which would be perfect for Molly! It's actually an end table with a dog bed built into it! If you know Molly at all, you know that she prefers to be in small, enclosed spaces... that's where she feels most secure and comfortable. So, this end table dog bed would be a dream come true for Molly!

OK, I've rambled on enough about my shopping list for my furkids. It's time for you to go shop for yours! Seriously, if you're looking for the perfect item for your pet, regardless of what kind of pet you have, you seriously need to go check out Your pets will thank me!



That sounds so neat! I could use a ThermoBed for myself! lol The endtable dog bed sounds interesting too.

Come check out something worth your while at my site this morning. It gave me an "A HA" Moment!


I'm going to have to check out that website. It sounds like they have some great stuff there!


Nice site that Petgadget site. There's some interesting things there. I especially like the The Brush Buddy. I could have used one with my last dog.

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