Friday, January 9, 2009

Looking at the Sky on Friday #3

(c) Misty DawnS

I swear, sometimes I'd forget my own name if I didn't have it plastered all over my blog! I almost forgot to do my Looking at the Sky on Friday post! Sure, that doesn't sound very bad, because many people lose track of time and what day it is, right? Well, it is bad because I have been taking photos specifically for this meme! I've even told Hubs, that I just got some photos for 'Looking at the Sky'. Oh well, at least I did, in fact, remember, even if it is a little late.

 It was taken in my front yard, and, yes, we have filled the bird feeder since this photo was taken.

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What a gorgeous spectrum of colors!
This is actually my first time playing and I love it already :o)
Have a great weekend!


The best thing here is the very obvious bird feeder on the tree, conspicuous and inviting to the avian world. An invite for dinner amidst beautiful views. a wonderful take!


Well, I've got to disagree with Ralph on the best thing in this picture (not being a bird, of course!). I think the best thing here is the gorgeous colors in the background with the dark silhouette of the tree in the foreground. The colors are absolutely fantastic and beautiful and I'd like nothing more to have been on the other side of the camera so that I could have seen them in person!

Oh, and don't feel like you shouldn't leave long comments over on my blog - I love long comments and yours are just great!!


Oh, wow! That is a breathtaking photo! You really are talented. :)


Spectacular sky! Such a rich array of colors! I love the bird feeder, as I'm sure the birds do!

I may have to let my cats Gandalf and Grayson participate in your Camera Critters!


That sunset is fantastic. Great photo.


the colors are wonderful

and your composition is so perfect

great job!!


WOW, that is just beautiful!!
Take care and have a great weekend!!


Awesome shot!


Spectacular photo!!! What an awesome blend of colors ... I could look at this for HOURS ;--)
HUgs and blessings,


Oh wow, it looks as if the sky is on fire!!! Very nicely done. Look at the blue and orange contrasting with some purple and brown thrown in there as well. The tree and the bird feeder are just the icing on the cake! Very well done.

Thanks so much for your support, my friend!!!

Poopsie aka Blue

Was interested to see this spin of from Sky Watch Friday.
I too no longer officially join in that weekly photo challenge - not for the reasons this one was started, but because SWF has grown too big.
I now post for my pleasure.

Think your image is magnificent!


Oh wow. Stunning.


beautiful sky!! i think the birdhouse really adds to the picture.


OMG that is gorgeous!

Sandra Carvalho

Astonishing picture!!!!OH MY GOD!
That is a pic I'll never forget!

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