Thursday, January 15, 2009

Looking at the Sky on Friday #4

Most of you know me and my photography (and many obsessions) quite well. Those of you who know me quite well know that I tend to find something I enjoy photographing, and I become a tad bit obsessed with taking photos of that subject. OK, fine - I can hear you guys mumbling... I'll admit it... I become very obsessed... but, hey, that's what you've come to expect from me! I wouldn't want to disappoint you!

Well, I've discovered a new subject to obsess over with my camera...

(c) Misty DawnS

And, I've even began combining photography-subject obsessions...

(c) Misty DawnS

plus Sunsets
(c) Misty DawnS

= really cool SILHOUETTES.
(c) Misty DawnS

Seriously, now - can you possibly disagree?
OK, now that we've established that I'm right,
you can go back to exercising on your ellipticals.
Sweet dreams and goodnight.

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Beautiful silhouettes, Misty. What was the last photo taken through?


Love the cow silhouettes!!!


Silhouettes of cows at sunset.... That sounds like the title of a great work of art ;)

Love the images, you have a great talent,

Blessings, M


Well these are gorgeous too. I LOVE silhouette shots. Those cows did a nice job of posing for you!


Love the sunset photo! The cows are kinda cute, too!

Lilli & Nevada

Oh gosh you got some really good ones too. Love them all, wouldn't know which one to pick


It's funny that you've become obsessed with photographing the sky because I've been photographing "critters", mainly my dog for your meme! *LOL* I love the cow shots. Very nicely done. You are a creative genius for sure. Thanks for playing along.

Finding Pam

Some very nice shots, Misty. I have been obsessed with pictures of my lab because she is such a great poser.


As if the skies weren't pretty enough, you throw in some cow silhouettes and it's even better! This kind of gives you the chance to combine your "Critter" meme with Tisha's "Sky" meme!


silhouettes are among my favorite types of shots and these are some of the best I've seen!!


Those look like they should be from a cowboy movie! GORGEOUS!!!


Oh those are fantastic! I'll have to learn how to do silhouettes. I have a few but they were just lucky shots.


You're so good at this Misty!

david mcmahon

Mist, you're a genius. Hard to pick a favourite here, but the first shot is SPECtacular!


A fantastic combination !!


Beautiful silhouettes here! Coincidentally I just mentioned in your other comments section how I like photographing silhouettes. That is your other blog, right?

I'm easily confuzzled. ;-)


You leave me speechless.


Wonderful photos! So much depth in them...and the colours are amazing!! :) Thanks for sharing.


In this portfolio, the third one with the cow against the sky is great. A cow, to me anyway, is a quite substantial animal. But the bovine doesn't carry the substance of the sky behind it. Very nice!


I'm always delighted by what you share here ... I love all the silhouettes ;--)

I'm late in visiting because I was away from home all day yesterday, but I shared twice ... once at Happily Retired Gal and the other at Sacred Ruminations, including a bit of Haiku as usual.
Hugs and blessings,


I'm really liking the silhouette photos of the cows :)


very beautiful photos, good job.


I love your cow photos! :-))


beautiful silhouettes!


Congratulations on winning Post of the Day!! I love your little puppy and your pictures!

Pat - Arkansas

Wonderful silhouettes, Misty! I especially like the tree, but they are all beautiful.

Susan English Mason

Gratz on being selected by David for Post of the Day (authorblog). My favorite silhouette of yours is from Friday #3 although I think they are all super. Please pat Maggie May for me and tell her I signed her guest book from beautiful 79 degree Arizona.


I'm a big fan of silhouettes anyway, but your tree is perfect!

Congrats on your POTD! Well earned!


I love your cow photos, and I delight in stopping my car to photograph some cows on a dairy barn in my area in a place that is always building more and more new homes. I am grateful that the owner carrys on the traditions of his family before him.
The cow silhouettes are beautiful.
You are fortunate to have the view of a sunset and share it with us, your reader.

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