Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The New Yukon

I have always liked SUVs (sport utility vehicles). When you combine the fact that we love outdoor activities with the fact that we are farmers, an SUV or truck is the most logical vehicle. So, I find information about these vehicles, such as gmc yukon reviews, intriguing.

Now, there is absolutely no way we can afford a new vehicle right now, but the 2009 gmc yukon looks to be quite the vehicle. It even received an 8.4 rating out of 10 at where a group and experts and users completed reviews and ratings on the gmc yukon.

Eventually, the SUV we currently own may need replaced. At that time, I'm sure we'll put a lot of thought and research into the vehicle we want for a replacement, including those made by gmc. Most importantly, it must hold all my fishing gear! ;-)



You definitely need a SUV when we go camping to hold all the gear and all the beer! ;o)


Beer?!?!?! Someone say something about beer?

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