Friday, January 30, 2009

Oh By the Way...

I am noticing that, after I make a post with a photo in it, when I view that post on a computer other than my laptop, the photo is much darker than I realized :-( I didn't really want to change the settings of the screen on my laptop, but I'm beginning to realize that I need to, because what are looking like good photos on my screen do not look good on your screens/monitors.

I'm feeling lousy. I'm getting sick, I had a bad night last night, and I feel overwhelmed mentally and emotionally. I'm also bummed, because there is a local photo contest and the deadline is tomorrow, but I can't enter because I don't have frames or matting. Oh well, there will be more; that's the least of my concerns right now.

Another thing - Maggie May's birthday is in February. Are y'all interested in another Doggy Bloggy Birthday Bash, or was a first-year-bash enough?

Lastly, please be patient with my 'extra posts' over the next few days. I've got to take opportunities to help at home whenever I can. ;-)



I just solved all your problems via email. *Wink*

So many people do paid posts these days, I wouldn't worry about it. There. I solved another.

What would you do without me? :P


Princess was just asking me about the party and when she should expect her invitation. She's very excited about it.


Your photos always look OK to me! :)


Your photos always look great on my monitor.

You're sounding stressed - prioritise and weed out what you don't need to do. Relax a little if you can.



Your photos don't look dark on my screen.

It's already time for Maggie May's bday? Wow. Time flies!

Feel better! Physically & emotionally! Tis the season for the glums. I hope you get them behind you soon. ♥

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