Thursday, January 1, 2009

They Call Me Misty Dawn

Hi! My name is Misty Dawn, but you can call me "Mist". Now, where do I begin?

I work several jobs. At my full-time job, I am the Online Financial Aid Coordinator for a medical college. My other jobs I do at home as a Virtual Assistant.

My husband, three Border Collies, and I moved our farm from Ohio to Missouri in 2007, and that's when I started this blog. When I first met Hubs, we were a dairy farm. Then, we had sheep, a small herd of beef cattle, and sometimes pigs. Now, we have a large herd of Angus beef cattle.

I also attend college online. I was pursuing an Associates Degree, but decided to go a different direction and get my Website Development Certificate. Now, I will probably transfer my credits and pursue a Bachelors Degree in business.

My main passion is photography, and my dream is to be a freelance photographer for magazines, calendars, greeting cards, etc. Since I shoot nature and animals, I don't expect to make a living with my photography, but to have some of my photos published as a freelancer, would be a dream come true for me.

I am obsessed with nature and being outdoors. I love spending time on nature photo walks, fishing, and camping. Oh, I'm also a daddy's girl and a serious tomboy... so, you won't be coming to me for fashion and makeup tips.

Hubs is quite a bit older than I, so I'm in my mid-thirties and have three adult stepchildren. We also have three Border Collies, who inspired the name of this blog. My dogs own my heart, and they keep me grounded.

Molly a.k.a. Molly-Collie turns 9 years old this month. She's my heart and soul.

Tag a.k.a. Taggy or Bubby is 8 years old. He is Hub's dog, and NO one else's dog, and his favorite thing in the world is working on the farm with Hubs and herding farm equipment.

Maggie May a.k.a. Doodles (short for Puppy Doodles) will be 3 years old in February. She came to us as a 10 week old puppy, and it has been quite the entertaining ride ever since. That's her photo in the header of this blog.

I feel I must also mention Matouk. Matouk is my dad's wolfdog, and he's the most interesting, intelligent, and complex creature I've ever met. I talk about and post photos of Matouk a lot.

ALL four of the above mentioned canines are rescues. I am a strong advocate of rescuing (adopting) animals.

You've probably figured out that I'm an animal lover, and, yes, I'm dog obsessed. I've never met a dog I didn't like, and honestly, I prefer the company of animals over humans most of the time.

Well, I could ramble on and on, but I'd rather you go read my blog posts to learn more about me. For starters, if you still want to know more about me, you can read this - I had been tagged for a meme to write 25 random things about myself... except, I was tagged nine times for this meme, so I ended up taking it quite literally. ;-) If you don't know enough about me after 225 things, then you'll definitely want to subscribe to my blog for daily updates.



Misty - You have become a beautiful woman, not only of face, but also of heart. I am so happy that you are "following your dreams". Even if your phots never get published,(although I'm sure they will) know that they have warmed the hearts of those who view them and brought a moment of serenity.

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