Saturday, January 31, 2009

Web Hosting Help

Many of us bloggers decide to take that extra step with our blog and get our own domain name. Some bloggers even decide they want to purchase dedicated hosting for their blogs. When I bought domain names for my blogs, I needed instructions to help me through the process of 'switching over' to the new domain. So, I know darn well that if I purchased a hosting package, I'd be in search of web hosting tutorials to assist me in the process.

Since I have two blogs, or three, if you count Camera-Critters, I would want to find a hosting package that would allow me to host all of my blogs. In other words, I would be looking for information on multiple domain hosting. Then all my blogs could live together happily ever after. ;-)

Of course, the main deciding factor for me is cost. So, I'd be looking for some affordable web hosting, because money is tight right now. Hey, who you calling cheap?!?! :-P



If it wasn't for you me or Tina wouldn't have been able to figure out how to change to our own domains. You (igeek)! hehe
Love ya Dork!

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