Thursday, February 26, 2009

B2, B4, B Lucky?

I'm thinking that since I've been very unlucky when it comes to the weather (see previous post), and since I've been unlucky when it comes to my photography (see Looking at the Sky post on Misty's Words), I've got to have some luck waiting for me somewhere! Perhaps I would be lucky playing Bingo.

I should head over to BingoPort and see if I can find that misplaced luck. BingoPort's website has everything you could need or want to know about Bingo for people, like me, who enjoy the game. The list of sites they have reviewed goes on and on and is very impressive. Also, when you go to their very attractive site, you can monitor various online Bingo halls, discuss Bingo in the forum, and see where the many sites rank on the list. They even have links to free Bingo. It doesn't get any better than FREE!

BingoPort's website provides great service to Bingo enthusiasts. So, no matter which site you go to for your numbers to be called, whether it be Gala Bingo or somewhere else, you are bound to have fun! Just don't take all the luck, OK? Leave a little luck for me, I'm probably going to need it!



I want to be able to go to game sites!! My 'Puter cord is just one of many ruined technological items ruined by those too cute to stay mad at for too long. In fact, I blogged about the most recent atrocity today...


We'll go play bingo when we visit each other...that is if we have time after all the camping and fishing we're going to do. ;o)

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