Monday, February 2, 2009

Benefits of Steel Buildings

I've mentioned before that, before we moved to Missouri, my dad came to Missouri with my husband for a month. They were here to put up our equipment building. The equipment building is steel, and I think I've mentioned before that steel buildings are very popular out here.

As you drive around and look at the numerous farms, you will also see numerous of these buildings, including PreFab Buildings. This is because there are many advantages to metal buildings, such as durability.

In fact, I think the metal buildings are attractive too, because they don't show the wear and tear from the weather like another building would. Also, you can customize the colors of the roof, walls, and trim. Our walls are a tan color with hunter green roof and trim. We painted the barn to match our equipment building, and I think it looks very nice. I think my husband and dad would have prefered they were putting up one of the prefabricated buildings though, because it took them a month to get this one finished. ;-)



Wanna come build one for me. Johnnys shed is so fulled I can't store any of my stuff in it.

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