Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bugs, Beds, & Bed Bugs

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We had extremely fantastic weather yesterday! It was over 60 degrees and sunny! And... I was at work. Guess what's predicted for the weekend... Go ahead, guess...
HIGHS in the 30s and snow! I've come to the conclusion that Mother Nature is upset with me. I just wish she would tell me what the heck I did, so we could hash this out and get it over with, for crying out loud!
I can't wait to go for walks without having to bundle up...
I can't wait to see and photograph bugs again...
I can't wait for Spring. *sigh*

Ohhhh - speaking of bugs. I heard on the radio the other day that leaving your bed UNMADE helps prevent dust mites! I'm thinkin' this is cause for celebration on my end! When I'm racing out the door for work and don't have time to make my bed, I can just say I'm preventing dust mites. So, I was wondering... how often do you make your bed? Every day? When company is coming over? Never? Oh come on... tell the truth...



Shup :P


Right before I get into it. Sometimes. Usually I straighten out all of the covers once I get in. Another task swept by the wayside now that my routine's gone out the window... *sigh*


Ummm since John works nights he sleeps during the day and since I sleep at night the bed never gets made unless the person crawling in it wants to make it before they go to bed. Me bad. hehe


I totally understand about the weather. It always happens to us also. When we need to be outside, it's crappy. When we are stuck inside, it's gorgeous. I hope your weather prediction turns out to be wrong.

As for the bed? Yeah, that's just something we don't do.


I pull the covers up every day... not sure it's MADE... now... what dragonfly is that... looks like a skimmer, but I don't recognize that with pattern.

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