Saturday, February 7, 2009

Camera-Critters #44

Guess who's got a birthday this month...

Guess who's going to turn a whole TWO years old...

I'm not mentioning names or anything, but

someone has a birthday coming up.

At least, that's what I heard...
(c) Misty DawnS

A little birdie told me, and
if you can't trust a little birdie,
who can you trust?
(c) Misty DawnS

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Happy Birthday little one! They grow up so fast, sniffle, sniffle. Have a great weekend.


Happy Birthday :)


Happy birthday!! Hehe!


Hard to believe Miss Maggie is going to be TWO! Seems like just yesterday she was chewing on all your furniture and stuff... ;)


Happy birdieday!

i beati

That birthday girl is a real charmer- did not get to post office yet,packed sandy

Susan Demeter

Happy birthday!!! :)

My Camera Critters entry is here

Stop by if you have a moment, and have a great weekend :)


Happy birthday!
Have a great week.

Reader Wil

Happy Birthday! Two years old!! Great! The little birdie must feel very cold, by the looks of it. Very beautiful photos!

Teena in Toronto

Looks like the birthday dog love love loves the snow!

I played too :)

Juliana RW

love your bird shot, Misty

My entry for CC this week : in HERE. Hope you have time to visit . Thanks

EG CameraGirl

Awe! Happy birthday!


If you "can't" trust... Sorry, I'm a stickler. Love both shots though :)


Happy Birthday to your pup!!!

Great pictures.

BTW, rodeos make me nervous as well, during the bucking parts I watch with hands very ready to cover my eyes!


Cute dog and birdie. I'm sure the bird speaks truth. Happy birthday to your friend.


Oh, boy! A reason to have cake and ice cream! Happy Birthday little one!


Ah, Maggie has a birthday! I just know she will not have the terrible twos. :)
I love this image of the sparrow on the fence - it so speaks to my country girl heart.


Maggie May is the most beautiful doggie I have ever seen!!! Shhh...don't tell Princess I said that! hehe

This Is My Blog - fishing guy

Misty: Cool shots of the your dog and a neat bird.


Happy Birthday!

Mamapippa ...

Give that beauty a big hug !


Well,Happy Birthday from us.Kids do grow up so fast,don't they?


So when is Maggie's birthday? 8v)

So I see you got another shot of one of my favorite, yet never seen, sparrows...the American Tree Sparrow. Very nice.


everyone is talking about it ;)

Lilli & Nevada

Oh Happy Birthday


Good photos with a humorous twist to the writing. Well done!

Jane Hards Photography

Happy Birthday! Always such wonderful captures and witty writing, and a great neme. Enjoy.


Wonderful photos. I love dogs.


What a striking picture! It must be that turning two makes one stately :-) Happy Birthday to you!


Hey, I'm turning 2 (X21) tomorrow. :)

And those birdies, when I was a kid I hated them because they told my mama everything! The big ole tattle tales!


Happy Birthday!!! Very cute photos too:)

Corey~living and loving

Happy birthday to your pretty doggie. :) and I love love love me a chubby little bird. :)
happy CC!


Happy 2nd Birthday oh adorable one. Loved your photos.


Really nice photo, very beautiful......


Aw little Maggie almost 2 - Happy Birthday. :)

Adrienne Zwart

Maggie May looks so pretty against the snow. Happy birthday to her.

Raising Addie

Yappy Barkday Sweetie!!!

Lots of Luv & Kisses
Addie and Lucie


Beautiful dog!!! Happy Birthday!! Have a great day!!


Dancin Fool

Give a big birthday pat to your pooch from me!


Happy birthday ! 2 years is just a teenage ! The little bird looks all round now in this cold, like a little feather ball.


I can't believe Maggie May is about to be two! Where does the time go? I know she's going to have a fantastic bday!


A celebration that deserves...CAKE! :)

Happy Birthday, the birdies surely don't lie.

I love both of these photos.

Oscar the cow dog is my choice for this week's CC!! :)

Ice Pony Girl

Such big ears!


Happy Birthday Maggie May! You are ADORABLE!


Any presents planned? Good thing dogs don't display the "terrible two's" behaviour that us humans do ;)

Happy Birthday!!

Both are great photos this week. And I love your approach to the writing.

Thanks for enjoying my post for the week - week 5 for me now.
There will be no droppin' and running from me :)

See you next week, if you get the time - you've built a great network! Kudos to you.


I have heard that little birdies don't lie so it must be true.Happy Birthday well I will have to come back on that special day.


Happy Birthday, Maggie!! Hope you have a howlin' good time!!

~Dolby, Murphy, & Sushi (Mo's 2 hounds & a manx)


Molly sends a Happy WOOF (wagging tail furiously) and Ms Kitty likes the birdie.
Hugs and blessings,

Heart of Rachel

Hi! Sorry for being absent on CC for quite a while. I'm happy to be back.

Happy Birthday to your furry pal!

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