Saturday, February 14, 2009

Camera-Critters #45

These horses belong to our good friend and neighbor.
Out here, when your neighbor needs help, you don't hesitate - you just help.
That's exactly what this neighbor has always done for us.
Ummm, please don't tell him, I'm the one who ran out to take pictures
when they were moving cattle down the road and maybe, might have,
coulda, possibly scared said cows into turning around.
I'll deny it! I was inside dusting and doing dishes the whole time!

So..... anyway, said neighbor was having surgery on his shoulder.
So, my Hubs was taking care of the feeding chores for him.
I went to pick Hubs up one day, and decided to take pics of the horses.
(c) Misty DawnS

There was only one problem...
Hellooooooo Horsee I would like to take your picture.
Could you please look at the camera???
OK, fine, I'll take aNOTHER horsee's picture! You'll see - it's your loss!
(c) Misty DawnS

Hi there! It's me, Misty Dawn, and I would like to take your...
ahem... excuse me, could you just look this way so I could...
Ummm forget it - I'll just move on.
(c) Misty DawnS

Oh, whew! There's two of you. I'm just here with my camera,
because I would like to....
You have got to be kidding me!
Helllooooooooo! Did Mr. G train you guys to ignore the
little-crazy-lady-with-the-big-camera? DID he???
(c) Misty DawnS

Oh for crying-freaking-out-loud!
You know what! I did not want your photos anyway!
Seriously! I'll go talk to some cows now!
At least the COWS will look at me when I talk to them!
You just resume grazing. Don't let me bother you.
We'll just all pretend like we don't even know each other.
(c) Misty DawnS

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LoL...too funny. I luv your monologue that accompanies the pics...maybe the cows just think they're more photogenic?!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


I love photos of horses. I love horses.

PW's post today is about horse muzzles.

Love the commentary, Misty!!

Adrienne Zwart

Misty, you are so funny. Most of my attempts to photograph horses have ended up exactly the same way! They're still great photos.


pretty horses...happy valentine's day to you:)


Love your post, LOL

If I want to take a photo of our horses, it's the other way around. They immediately try to get INTO the camera (or try to eat it). That's just too close-up. After a while they begin to lose interest and THEN I have to take my shots, before they go into your neighbour's horses mode.

i beati

i see you are out walking and roaming again Happy Valentines Day all !!!


Cool photos and you are too funny!


You are too funny. Thanks for the horses ... I love them.


Maybe they'd heard the pig story and were afraid of you. :)


Why those horses dare not pose for my BBFF!!! Don't worry I'm on my way to have a little chat with them!!! LOL

Gorgeous photos as always Misty!


this made me laugh! I loved the one who showed you his butt ;)

wish I had horses for neighbors


Those horses just would not cooperate, would they? Your pictures are still very nice, and I just love the color of the sky in them.


Well...of course their heads are going to be down...they are on a hillside! Heeeeeeeelllllooooo!!!!

Nice photos 8v)

This Is My Blog - fishing guy

Misty: I do love to take photos of horses but sometimes I wish they would lift their heads for me.

EG CameraGirl

Horses rend not to look at me when I have a camera too, LOL.


Lovely and funny post, and we'll all keep your secret. I think we can all relate to uncooperative subjects, especially in the four-legged variety. Loved your photos too mind you, even if they were so busy eating that grass they didn't given you a good head shot.


I love the photographs and the way you always weave an interesting, humorous story around them.

Jane Hards Photography

I just love horses. Very gentle creatures. Always a wonderful tale ypu tell.


They never look, if you want them too! :-)


A very funny post! Love the running commentary that goes with all the images.

You know, that fact that none of them show their faces actually makes for an interesting collection of photos. My faves are the 3rd + 4th shots. I digg the backgrounds for one. And in shot 3, I find myself desperately trying to make out his face! You know how a cat trys to look around the corner of a TV screen... ;)

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Heart of Rachel

They look so concentrated on having their fill of grass. Those are great shots even though they didn't feel like lifting their heads.


Always a treat of a story to go with your photo essay!


The horses are a bit camera shy. Great pictures though! Very serene.

Norwood & Debi


Beautiful horses! Here in the city our neighbours are not so friendly :(

Smalltown RN

I love any photo's of horses...great shots....I joined in today....

Hope you are having a great weekend....

Teena in Toronto

The horses in our 'hood are those ridden by police officers.

Thanks for stopping by mine :)


And all you were trying to do was make them famous.My neighbors horses come running when they see a

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