Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Economy Worries

With the struggling economy right now, almost everyone I know is worried and stressed about money. Whether you are trying to fix credit problems, or you are worried about losing your job, you are probably feeling the stress that most people of America are feeling.

I feel like I've gone from worrying about credit repair to worrying about if the money will be there to pay the credit. I can't help but hear my grandfather's voice in my head as he told me stories of the Depression.

Back then, when he told me those stories, I was a kid who half-listened and thought that they were just stories of the 'old days'. Certainly nothing like that would ever happen again. Certainly, I would live happily ever after with my modern conveniences, internet friends, and nothing to worry about unless my power went out. Now, I'm an adult, and I hear financial experts suggesting we stock up on non-perishable foods. I've gone beyond worrying about how to repair credit; I now worry how we are going to repair our economy. (being an adult is depressing! hehe)

Before the election, I actually sat down and wrote a long post about this subject. However, I never posted it for a couple reasons. One, I, by no means, understand politics or government, and, therefore, thought I didn't have any place posting about such a topic. Second, the post, obviously, takes on a much more serious (and frightened) tone, which isn't common on this blog (unless we are discussing health issues). Just be thankful I spared you. ;-)



The main reason I keep the little girl inside me alive & well: Being a grownup sometimes is way hard & scary!


Why worry? The big "O" will fix all. He told us so.

suckers ;)

Oh, and another Al Queda field commander was picked up today in Yemen. He was a Guantanamo detainee.

So glad that "O" wants to close down that bad place <--- sarcasm


Wait... I have to apologize. I should not mess up this blog of happiness with bad karma. Please forgive me.

Oh, look, puppies! :)


My grandfather who lived through the depression told me that he never thought he'd have to live through it again. Much less, his children, grandchildren, & great grandchildren. How sad. How chilling.

Scary times, indeed.

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