Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Guess That Doggie WW

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Who wants to play guess that doggie? The people who guess the correct answer will receive some special blog bling from me. So, which doggie is it? Is it Tag, our boy, who loves to work outside? Is it Molly-Collie, the girl who owns my heart and soul? Or, is it Maggie May (a.k.a. the puppy), who will be two years old in nine days and chews us out of house and home?

Care to take a chance at
the first edition of Guess That Doggie?

(Psssst... If I just put "WW" in the subject line, then I can always say I thought it stood for "Wordy Wednesday". Hey, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it! Besides, a post that doesn't ramble just isn't a Misty post.)

Well, I haven't really been wordless (am I ever?), but click here to check out Wordless Wednesday!


I think I will say it is Maggie May? Shamu


My guess is Maggie May, because of the white 'markings' on her head...

Great shot, BTW...she (he, maybe?) looks like she's havin' a blast, runnin' on the beach!

I hope you ALL have a great week ahead (and, if I don't get 'back' in time...Happy Birthday, Maggie!!)

Mo, the hounds and the manx


I would say Maggie May, without knowing, this picture is adorable, it looks as if she would jump out of my screen !


I'll go for Tag.


I know the answer because you told me already...hehee...alright I won't guess then...big funsucker! ROFL

I tagged you here Dork!


Eh, everyone else guessed the one I guessed, so I won't win. Great pic, though!

Noelle Dunn.... A Poet in Progress



My guess is Molly.

Wordy Wednesday, indeed. :P

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