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Heads or Tails *Any Past Theme*

Heads Or Tails

If you click on the graphic above, it will take you to the awesome HoT blog where you can sign up and start participating in this fun and popular meme!

This week's theme is EDGE -"Any Past Theme". Pfffffffft - I can do way better than that... I'm doing ALL the past themes :-D


He felt like such a 'FOOL'. Why did he have to go and 'EXPRESS' his unhappiness?

She became irate and told him she'd give him a little 'TIP'. Then, she called him a 'DIP' and followed it with, "The door is in that 'DIRECTION', and don't let it hit you on your way out!"

He tried to make her realize what she was throwing away.

She responded, "I don't want to 'SHARE A SPECIAL MEMORY!' "Why don't you just go crying to your 'MOTHER'? She's the saint in your eyes anyway. I can find any 'TOM, DICK, OR HARRY' to treat me better than you! You say I run my mouth and don't give you any 'PEACE'? Well, go find yourself some floozie and see if she'll give you a 'PIECE' of her action! See if she'll sit and listen to you 'TELL ABOUT YOUR JOB'. See if she'll treat your like 'ROYAL'ty! You have never so much as picked me a 'FLOWER'; You're always late and making me 'WAIT'; and let's talk about YOUR 'WEIGHT' for a change! So, go waste your 'LINE's on someone else!"

He stared in disbelief, and she continued to rant.

"You're old news to me - just a 'SUMMERTIME MEMORY' in a field on a blanket. The 'BIG O', HA! What a 'JOKE'!" So, don't just 'SIT OR STAND' there! Get out of my face, or you're going to need a 'DOCTOR'! I don't care what 'MANNER' in which you leave!"

He tried to talk some reason into her.

"Oh, you sure have a large 'SUPPLY' of excuses! I feel like hitting you over the 'HEAD' and then kicking you in the 'TAIL'! NO, I do NOT want to 'TALK' about it! I can't give you 'THREE GOOD REASONS' I should listen to you! You can just 'BOX' up your things, because this was a 'RECIPE' for disaster since the beginning. There are going to be some 'CHANGES WHERE YOU LIVE'! I'm so mad I could just 'SHAKE' you! If you want it in 'BLACK AND WHITE', I'll go see a lawyer if I need to."

He didn't know what to say, or what to do. He just tried to get her to understand his 'GRIEF'. He needed her to forgive him. It was coming down to the 'WIRE'.

She, on the other hand, had plenty more to say.

"You couldn't have 'TOLD ME A MORE SCARY STORY'. I let down my 'GUARD' and believed that smile you would always 'WEAR'. Meanwhile, you were out some'WHERE' making 'MEMORIES WITH AUTUMN'!"

She pulled the ring off the finger 'ON HER LEFT HAND' and threw it at him.

"This ring and this relationship have lost the 'SHINE'. Don't try to 'FILL' me with any more excuses. We're beyond anything Dr. 'PHIL' can fix now!"

She opened the door and motioned for him to leave.

"Take the 'RING' and take yourself out into the 'COLD, NASTY WEATHER'. I won't be crying as I 'WATCH' you go. You see, I've 'LEARNED THREE THINGS'. One, that I can't drown my problems with a 'BOTTLE'. Two, that I am strong enough to stand on my own two 'FEET'. Three, getting over you isn't going to be too difficult of a 'FEAT'."

She shoved him out the door, and as he walked away, he squinted through the snow and glanced back at the indoor lighting shining through the window, and he thought to himself...
"Man is she 'LOUD'! The arguing and the screaming are now a 'PAST THEME' of my life."

The End.



**standing ovation** That was amazing!!! I especially love the the "memory with Autumn" thing. (Of course.) You seriously rocked this one.


Now that was good. A real achievement.

Hootin' Anni

Holy moly Dawn!!! I think this is just plain awesome! You need a gold star for this accomplishment.


Someone take a picture. I'm speechless!!!!

Applause! Applause!

Encore! Encore! (Just kidding :P)

That was AMAZING, Misty!!!!!!!!

You cans snuggle my Schnoodle AND keep the RC stuff!!!!!!

Susan Demeter

You are AWESOME!!! :)

My HOT entry is here

Thank you for stopping by! :)


bravo! i like the way how you string the themes together. i enjoy reading it.

thanks for dropping by my hots at blipbit and


How clever you are - this is a perfect post!!


WOW dude! You ROCK!!!


That was very creative! I can't believe you found a way to get them all in there. lol


Oh my Gosh! That was wonderful! You must not be fuzzy brained like me! Terrific and all the adjectives I can think of. Way to go.


This was a fantastic HoT story. Boy, you have talent.


That was very creative and where did you find the time with all you have to do?


I missed this on Tuesday. I guess I only visited one of your blogs.

Anyway, like everyone else said - amazing, terrific, awesome, and on and on. You rock!


that certainly WAS THE most creative post ever!! how did u use all those prompts so fittingly! ?
WOW speechless in NY :)

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