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Heads or Tails *Legend*

Heads Or Tails

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This week's theme is HEADS -"Legend". So, I'm giving you a legend of a subject that is very near and dear to my heart. OK, actually, a particular 'someone' that fits into this subject owns my heart.

(c) Misty DawnS

The Strength of the Wolf

The spirit of the Wolf resides in my heart
Mostly peacefully, yet ever wild
Running in time to the blowing wind
Dancing in the clouds that drift in the Heavens.

The spirit of the Wolf resides in my soul
Longing to hear the song of the Great One
Striving to be that which I am in my natural state
Succeeding only because of the Love that the Universe grants me.

Theme from Dances with Wolves

(c) Misty DawnS

When I visited Ohio in November, I had submitted my resume and application for a position at the medical college. I really wanted this opportunity. So much so that when Dad, Matouk, and I were on a walk in the woods, I said , "Hey Toukie, I have strong belief in your spirit. Would you please send that spirit to Missouri and tell the people at the college to interview Misty?"

Dad and I both smiled at each other and continued our walk. The next day, Matouk and I waited for Dad to get home from work. Then, the three of us headed out on our daily walk. When we got to a clearing in the woods, Matouk sat down, like he just wanted to take in the fresh air. It was then that my cell phone rang, and, upon answering, I was asked if I would like to interview for the position at the college. When I hung up, Matouk was just looking at me. I hugged him and told him thanks. He just got up and started walking like, "OK, let's go on our walk now that we've taken care of that."

Never underestimate the truth to the legend of the the spirit of a wolf. I'm just sayin'.

OK, I'm going to shop online for Discount Blinds now. Thanks for visiting!

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Matouk has your soul alright...or maybe you have his. 8v) Either way, that's a cool photo of him.


Right on. :)


OOooooooo... I got honest to God goosebumps reading that!!!!


An excellent post. You certainly captured the spirit there.

Alice (in BC Canada)

This is a really great post. I enjoyed the photo and the story. Did you get the job?

Alice at I Was Born2Cree8

HoT & Ruby Tuesday

Hootin' Anni

Fabulous post Misty!!!! You should see my new template I made for my blog...this would be such a 'fitting' legend. Excellent read.

My H o T legend this week is posted drop by if you have a moment.

Happy Tuesday.


Oh wow! That is very cool and exciting.


Fantastic story, Matouk obviously was a good spirit who had only your best interests at heart.


Excellent post! When I was about 8, I read a book about a young Indian girl who was raised by a wolf and I still remember much of it - except the title. Wish I could remember the title and re-read the book.


what a lovely story and beautiful poem too :)


go matouk! you have such a great connection with matouk thanks for dropping by my hots.


I grew up with a Malamute. I swear she was only 10% Husky and a full 90+% Wolf! KyMo was the best dog ever! Loved to be a part of the whole family pack and seemed to read emotions in a way that was just unimaginable. She, actually, had all the same colorings of Montouk. She had a very light Husky "mask" but she was all shades of brown and blonde. Looking an Montouk, especially from the neck down looks exactly like her. She howled and "talk" howled always. It always made me laugh. Thanks for the memory!

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