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Heads or Tails *A Love Story*

Heads Or Tails

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This week's theme is TAILS -"A Love Story". Let me tell you about the greatest love story I've ever known...

Now, I'm going to tell you about a love, a love so strong that nothing could take it away.

My grandmother's father did not talk to her for eight years, because she married my grandpa. They had their first child, before he chose to talk to her again. He thought that my grandpa wasn't good enough for my grandma, because Grandpa did physical labor for a living.

My Grandma's father made the comment, "He won't even be able to keep you in stockings.", because back then, pantyhose were not easy to come by. My grandmother had been in the nursing home for over eight years, and my grandfather was still ordering pantyhose from the company that he had signed her up for when they first got married.

Every day, he drove to that nursing home to be with her. He became a fixture in the home. Everyone knew Jim, and people would make a point to come in to sit and talk with him. When his heart problems got too bad, he became restricted to a wheel chair, and his daily visits to the nursing home had to stop. You might as well have killed the man.

His wife, and his dedication to his wife, was what made him who he was. On my Grandpa's last Christmas with us, we were given the greatest holiday gift that anyone could ever be given. There was a very special nurse at the nursing home. His name was also Jim. Jim got up on Christmas morning, went to the home, dressed my grandma in her Christmas sweatshirt and a Santa hat, loaded her and her wheelchair into the van, and brought my grandma to my grandfather. When he wheeled her into the room and my grandpa saw her, there wasn't a dry eye in the house. Jim, that wonderful man, gave up his Holiday day off to do this for my grandfather and for us. I love that man for his caring and his generosity, and I know that God was using him as an angel for us.

This same wonderful man brought my grandma to the funeral home for her husband's calling hours. Even if she didn't realize what was happening, he still did so much for us as a family.

Now... let me tell you about Japanese Magnolia trees ... Nah, just kidding ;-)



Ohhh what a wonderful, wonderful man. What a story of love you have posted here, Misty.

Where's my box of tissues????


I've read this story before, and I teared up again this time. *sniffle*


What a moving, beautiful story! Thank you so much for sharing.


What a beautiful story, Misty. It brought tears to my eyes and I thank you for sharing it. We all need to be reminded that there are people like Jim all around us.

I am glad you are feeling better. Happy Valentine's Day!


OMgoodness this was a beautiful story if ever there were one. Your grandparents had it all, you know, something most people go their whole lives searching for. And never find. How rich were they! xoxo

Finding Pam

Misty, thank you for sharing such a beautiful and touching love story with us. That young man named Jim is a saint in my book. Tender moments are so lovely to share.


That's a lovely, heartwarming story.


What a wonderful story!


You're sooooo right Misty! That IS a beautiful love story.

Hootin' Anni

Misty? This one melts my heart! So deep, so emotional, so filled with love.

myrtle beached whale

There are too few Jims in this world. Great story.


sniff, sniff. thanks for sharing and thanks for visiting my hot.


What a wonderful man! He definitely was an angel sent to help your grandparents. Beautiful post Misty!

Le Butterfly

WOW - thanks for sharing.

Mine is now up.


A story of love and commitment to be sure. We need to hear far more of these human stories. Good post!

Susan Demeter

What a beautiful love story, and I love the photo :) Jim is a wonderful person for what he did. I agree we could use more people like him.

My HOT entry is here

Thank you for stopping by! :)


Oh Misty you had me in tears! :(

What a wonderful nurse Jim was - obviously nursing was a true vocation for him.


My goodness! What a beautiful story. That nurse sure had a big heart too.


Now that is a LOVE story!

Aspen Photography

Just found your blog what a wonderful story and so sweet and so much love. Megan
My husband and I live on a large cattle ranch in Mo.


This is the first time I visited a blog and what a wonderful story I found in yours. There should be more of these types of stories.


Hey love, tagged's an easy, quickie, come over. xoxo

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