Monday, February 23, 2009

It's Monday...

Have you hugged a wolf today???
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Me neither. *sigh* But, I do talk to one over the telephone on a regular basis. Hmmm, that's sounds kind of strange, huh? She talks to a wolf on the phone. Yes, but this is the same wolf who owns his own Beanie Babies and stuffed animals, has ice cream for a snack, and doesn't like the pizza crust (just the good stuff). Yep, that's my boyfriend!



I haven't hugged a wolf today, but I DID hug my Nanners. :)


Gee, can't say that I have - not even the two-footed kind!


This is one wonderful photo of Toukie. But...but...but...where's Polly?


Beautiful pic!


Sunset time? Sunrise time? That golden light has to be from one of the two.

Nice image. Wolves are beautiful animals. Ever see "White Fang". I'd love to bond with a wolf like the guy did in that movie.


Yeah I'm gonna steal your boyfriend.

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