Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lights, Borders, Art, & a Dishwashwer

You've heard me talk excessively about this house and the addition and remodeling project. I've jokingly said that I don't think it will ever be completed. Yes, I guess I'm being a bit impatient, buy, hey, you've got to remember that we didn't have heat in our bathroom for a year. Yeah, not only does a bathroom with no heat make a person not ever want to get out of the shower, but it also makes a person impatient. Heck, we even went over a month or so with no bathroom lighting! So, I, therefore, have an excuse for my impatience.

Well, guess what! Tomorrow, a guy is coming over to help Hubs work on the addition!!! They are going to finish the wiring and drywall and some other stuff! Do you know what this means? It means that it really, actually, truly might get finished sometime during my lifetime!

It MEANS that I'll actually have a dishwasher in my kitchen, rather than a large cardboard box which says 'Dishwasher' on the side of it! It MEANS that I can finally have the wallpaper borders, which I picked out and purchased four years ago, on the walls! One is a cow farm scene, and the other has sheep in front of a beautiful sunset... I know, you're shocked. Hmmm, do you think I should have under cabinet lighting in the kitchen? That would be cool!

It MEANS I can pick stuff out and put my touch on everything. I can pick out faucets, fixtures, and chandeliers. I can unpack my Border Collie toothbrush and soap holder. Did you just roll your eyes? I can display the Bonnie Mohr dairy cattle collectors' plates! Would it be conceited to print and frame my own photos to use as the artwork? Probably would be, huh? I'm SO excited! Can ya tell? OK, who wants to come over and help me decorate? I need volunteers.



Me me me!!! Pick me!!! I'll come help!
I tagged you!


I don't see anything wrong with using your own artwork to decorate with! Matter of fact, I'm hoping to be able to do something with a little of my own in the living room here - hoping!


great post, i love that artwork. pets are great and deserve the love.

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