Monday, February 9, 2009

Meet My Friends Monday #1

I keep seeing the Meet My Friends Monday meme over on the awesome blogs hosted by my BBFF, Tammy. I decided I wanted to play too ;-)

You all probably expect me to tell you about that BBFF, Tammy, chic, don't you? Nah, maybe some other time... If I compliment her too much about how sweet, smart, H.O.T., funny, and great she is, then she starts to get a little full of herself, ya know? I'm just sayin'.

I'm gonna tell you about the beautiful, hilarious, super-duper sweet, and unbelievably talented... Sanni.

I first contacted Sanni to ask her about doing blog templates for me, because she ROCKS at making blog templates, which you can tell, if you just look at mine!!! After that initial contact, it didn't take long for a truly special and wonderful friendship to grow. She is absolutely amazing.

Her talent doesn't stop at webdesign though... she is an outstanding photographer. Her photos absolutely take my breath away, just like her beautiful children do. Let me tell ya people, this girl knows how to make some adorable and precious babies! :-) Oh yeah, I guess we'll give Frank a little credit in that too. *grin*

I just love her like crazy (more than Tammy does), and I'm known to say, "I wanna be like Sanni.", to which Tam says, "Me too." and Hubs just says, "Yes, I know, you say that all the time."

** If you wanna play Meet My Friends Monday, click on the badge up there.**



I so love Sanni more then you do!!!


Everyone go home. Misty is sick and you're just encouraging her to stay out of bed by commenting. ;)


Sanni's templates are fabulous! One of these days I'm gonna ask her to do one for me. :)

Misty DawnS

In response to Skittles:
I am at work... therefore, I can't go to bed so... ppfffffft :-P


I am laughing over you and Tammy and your battle over who loves Sanni the most!

I visited her earlier today and you are correct about her blogs!

Thank you so much for playing along today.

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