Thursday, February 12, 2009

Photo Meme

Y'all remember my darling friend, Stacey, right? hehe (just kidding Stacey). Stacey and I had great big plans, because we live in the same state, and we were going to meet up, and we were going to hang out, and we were going to have a blast, because we are cool... but, life happened... as in, we've both got families and responsibilities and all (pfffft). However, we can still hang out right here... we can virtually hang out. Right Stacey? Yeah, we're cool like that!

Anyhow, the beautiful and talented Stacey challenged me to a meme. She told me to go to my pictures file, go to the 6th folder and grab the 6th picture in that folder. Knowing how unorganized my photos are right now... this could be bad... very baaaaaad... Let's see... (humming the theme to Jeopardy as I open my photos dum de dum de do do do)...


*Gasp* Again

This is just unbelievable, folks.

I can NOT believe I would have a photo like this on my computer!

I'm at a comlete loss for an explanation.

Just remember, it was August...

It was hot... (it's like that here in August)

Just please, don't let this change your opinion of me...

(c) Misty DawnS

What'd you think it would be? *grin*

I tag:
Bear (pfffft back at ya)


Wow, that is a great close up photo!


I did this one a little while ago, but for you I'll do it again....I might have to change it a little so that it's another photo though.

Lilli & Nevada

wow that is a good shot, i just never get close enough to capture this good


LOL, I was a bit scared to look! That is a beautiful photo.

Sandra Carvalho

Awesome pic!Thanks for tagging me hon! ;)


How do you get such amazing pictures?!?


Hehe you had me going there for a while! :0


I am completely and totally shocked you would have a photo like this on your computer!


ROFL Mist you're so funny! I knew knew knew it was a beautiful nature photo, I just guessed Maggie. xoxo


A Halloween Pennant? A HALLOWEEN PENNANT? Nice shot 8v)

Much better than the one I pulled for my tagging...hehehe


You definitely had me curious on this one! At this point, I've forgotten what a hot August is like as it's been such a cold winter but I'm sure it will all come back to me in a few months!

fancy dress

This is an awesome picture. The clarity and focus is really good.

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