Monday, February 16, 2009

Random Thoughts on Monday

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Is it really Monday already???

One thing this weekend taught me... I need to cut back and take time to rest. I took Saturday off because I've been sick and thought the extra rest would do me a lot of good. So, I didn't set the alarm, and I didn't worry about going to work, and I just slept, and it was beautiful. Seriously, I can't explain how different this past weekend was.

I was able to get some photos this weekend that I really like. I'll show them to you in the upcoming memes... if I can wait that long. ;-)

Maggie May's birthday is eleven days away. Can you believe she's going to be two years old??? It seems like just last week we were having her first doggy-bloggy-birthday bash.

I'm taking a JavaScript class right now, and I'm getting rather frustrated. I've done my homework for the week. However, the website isn't performing as it should. I've checked and re-checked the code so many times, and I can't find the error. I'm ready to pull my hair out.

Well, I'm off to work, but in case you're looking for something to do this week, don't forget these fun memes.
Heads or Tails Tuesday
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It's amazing what a good rest can do for you, isn't it? Can't wait to see some of the photos!! :)

Sharkbytes (TM)

Glad you got rested! I'm jealous that you are able to take a Javascript class. I just keep bumbling along learning by trial and error.


Sleep is good. I've always like sleep. Glad to hear you were able to get some. Sleep, I mean.

Ohhh.. A link to HoT! *Happy dance*


Personally, I've spent so much time in bed this past weekend (and I'm still there as a matter of fact) that I am truly beginning to hate my bed! I will be so glad when I get on my feet and get on with life! But you're right, it's important to get some rest and take care of yourself!


Sleep good. Sleep Autumn's friend. Misty make friends with sleep. Sleep make Misty happy.


Isn't javascript infuriating at times. I have struggled with something for days, given up, then gone back later and had it work perfectly with no understanding of why. Good Luck!

p.s. - Maggie is beautiful!

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