Tuesday, February 17, 2009

S is for Season...

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One of my favorite co-workers loves dragonflies. No wonder she's one of my favorites, eh?. Anywho... I was going through my dragonfly pics with her in mind, and I found the one in this post... *sigh*. Is it Summer yet??? OK, OK, sorry for being so demanding - I'll just settle for Spring. Any season which starts with "S" will be fine with me!!!

Why, yes, I AM at work... why do you ask? Oh... cuz I'm blogging. Well, I'm on my lunch break - So there!
(Inside joke to a friend hehe)

Regarding another one of my friends...
Tammy and her daughter Aurora are sick. :-( Aurora came home sick from school yesterday while I was talking to Tammy online (I was on my lunch break!!! HONEST). Now, apparently, Tam is sick too. So, let's all send healthy thoughts their way!

It seems like everyone is sick! Whether it's the respiratory flu that has been going around (that's what I had, along with the ear infections), or the stomach flu (I know several people who had had that). Which brings this post full circle when I ask...

Is it Summer yet??? OK, OK, I'll just settle for Spring!
(I'm sick of Winter and Flu Season! Get it? "Sick" of Flu Season. hehe OK, it wasn't really funny, I know)



Oh LOOK! I see my Nanners puppy in Maggie's guest book pictures! Just a sec while I look at her. Awwwww ..she's so cute. :)

OK. Back.

I called my MIL yesterday and she's got this awful flu, too.

S is for shup, ya know. At least you didn't say anything about my pillow cases. :P


*waves* Me again.

Your lunch break started around 8:30am?

*Giggles and runs away*


Hey.. no talking about the pillow cases.. or I may have to post this:


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