Friday, February 27, 2009

Urine Leaking E-Mail

I couldn't make up a better story than this! What you are about to read is a true story and, hopefully, an inspiration to you to proofread before sending even the most simple e-mail or letter!

Yesterday, I was having a bad day. To top everything else off, the computer decided to stop cooperating, and that threw a big wrench into my work schedule. So, I sat at my desk, cursing under my breath, and developing a stress headache.

I decided to check my personal e-mail, since I was waiting to hear back on homework and some other important things. I noticed I received a response from a company I had written to asking for clarification on something. Upon opening that mail, what I read was better than any relief Tylenol or Advil could have given my stress headache. In response to my simple e-mail asking if a previous e-mail's information was correct, I received this response...

No. It must have been sent by a system error.

I am sorry for the incontinence.

Ummm... Yeah... I'm sorry for your incontinence too, but did you really have to tell me about it? Seriously, we're not even on a first name basis or anything!

Yeah... true story. I received this from a COMPANY - This was a PROFESSIONAL reply.

PROOFREADING... it's your friend... and will keep you from sounding like you can't hold your urine. I'm just sayin'.

P.S. Dear Account Representative who made this blunder. If you are in any way upset with me for this post, you'll just have to get over it. Bloggers blog... Bloggers blog everything. Have a great day. :-)



LOL LOL that is soooo funny! You're hilarious, there IS a novel in you, girlfriend. Hope the incontinence gets better, tho...that pic is perfect!




Whats so portent aboot profreeding? I doan get ti!


LOL! Just goes to show that spell check can't always help you.

I'm pretty OCD about proofreading.


Oh Boy! That is funny as all get out Misty. Did you e-mail back to them and politely point out the error of their ways? I think I would sat and thought of a way to explain to them that you are not in need of Depends and tell them the meaning of the word in their message. Probably would take me several hours to compose something that would be polite, yet sarcastic too. Too much for me to resist there, I think.


That is just classic.

Perfect for lifting spirits. :)

Noelle Dunn.... A Poet in Progress

OH MY GOSH, however that does not phase me really. See, now me I have learned to snail mail all letters to companies as emails are not taken as seriously....maybe you ought to shoot that email off to the CEO of the company, ha! I guess that would be mean though, great laugh! lolol.


OMG, that's HILARIOUS! What a funny blunder. I know I make typos like that all the time. I need to proofread more.

I love it though, funny story.

And that photo above...too cute!




Adrienne Zwart

Oh my goodness! LOL. Thanks for the laugh! Love your comment about bloggers blogging everything!


BAHAHAHAHA!!!!! This so hilarious! You definitely have to blog about that!!!


Yeah. That's just the stuff I needed today. Thank you.

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