Monday, February 2, 2009

WAY too Much Useless Info About Me

For those of you who aren't on Facebook (what the heck are you waiting for?)...
For those of you who need some reading material to help you overcome insomnia and put you right to sleep...
For those of you who, for some unknown reason, would want to know 225 useless things about lil' ol' me...
Click the "Read More" link and have sweet dreams.

Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

(To do this, go to “notes” under tabs on your profile page, paste these instructions in the body of the note, type your 25 random things, tag 25 people (in the right hand corner of the app) then click publish.)

1. I was tagged by eight people to do this - Y'all must be really bored.
2. I am 33 years old (34 in June)
3. I have three adult step-children (one of which is one of my best friends)
4. I have three dogs (which are my best friends)
5. My dad is my very best friend
6. My BFF Beck has been my best friend since 4th Grade
7. Some of my best friends are people I've never met in person.
8. I have lots of best friends :-)
9. I HATE Cancer, Alzheimers, Firbromyalgia, and Depression
10. I am terrified of natural disasters, such as fire, tornado, etc.
11. My grandparents and aunt raised me
12. My aunts and uncles are more like second parents to me
13. My cousins are more like brothers and sisters
14. Family means the world to me
15. I am left-handed, but do most things right-handed. I only eat, write, and bat left handed
16. I am left-eyed and left-eared too (I can see you scratching your head on this one)
17. Photography is my passion
18. Writing used to be a huge passion for me, but I don't write anymore
19. My favorite actor is Tom Hanks
20. I love the group Bon Jovi
21. I love Martina McBride, Little Big Town, and Sugarland
22. I want to go to Australia someday
23. I am horrible with directions
24. I have no fashion sense
25. I'd rather be fishing :-)

26. My favorite beverages are beer, coffee, Dr. Pepper, and Red Mountain Dew (everything that's bad for me)
27. I had chicken pox my Senior year of high school
28. I love my Cleveland Indians!
29. I love to read, but haven't had time to read for enjoyment for a long time
30. I work four jobs
31. I attend college online
32. I need more hours in a day
33. I hate socks and shoes
34. I hate bras (I don't really need one anyway)
35. I love slippers
36. My boyfriend is a wolfdog
37. I often talk on the phone with said wolf
38. #37 has won me bets at parties
39. I dream of running an animal rescue
40. I dream of being a professional nature photographer
41. I dream of meeting many of my blogging friends in person
42. I have big dreams
43. I have extremely low self-esteem and zero self-confidence
44. My favorite color is purple
45. I collect tea cups and tea pots (and coffee mugs), which has to do with my grandmother and some very special moments that she shared with her granddaughters
46. I'd rather hang out with animals than people (sorry)
47. When I straighten my arms out, it looks like my elbows bend backwards
48. I had eye surgery in second grade, the surgeon overdid the surgery on one of my eyes, and now that eye will drift out when I'm very tired, resulting in double vision.
49. I played volleyball, basketball, and softball in school
50. I'd rather be fishing :-)

51. I was second chair clarinet in Junior High, but gave it up to play volleyball in High School
52. My favorite childhood place was my grandpa's cottage in Kentucky
53. As most children, I wanted to be a vet
54. Then, I wanted to be an archaeologist (If you can't save em, then dig em up, I guess)
55. Next, I wanted to be a computer programmer
56. Then, I was going to be a journalist
57. Then I decided on graphic design or advertising
58. I never became any of those things
59. I now can not stand most journalists and am thankful I'm not one
60. I love Glenn Beck
61. Nancy Grace gets on my nerves bad
62. I hate squash, liver, onions, and peppers
63. I used to hate tomato soup when I was a kid, but now I love it.
64. I don't and won't have any kids of my own
65. I was extremely spoiled when I was young (I can see all my cousins shaking their heads in agreement)
66. I'm still spoiled, but in a different way
67. I can't stand hypocritical people
68. I've made a lot of mistakes in my life, but I've learned from them
69. I'm still learning and always will be
70. I'm big about habit and routine. If my routine gets messed up, I'm messed up
71. I like to have a plan and know what's going to happen and when
72. I'm very indecisive, and will do anything to avoid having to make a decision
73. I can not stand conflict and will do anything to avoid it
74. I do not like being the center of attention - ever
75. I'd rather be fishing :-)

76. I'm afraid of sharks
77. I'm afraid of alligators and crocodiles
78. I stepped on a Yellowjackets nest when I was young and now have a fear of bees, which I am slowing trying to overcome
79. I have a serious fear of failure
80. I got my belly button pierced in honor of turning 30
81. My ears are pierced, but the holes are crooked, so I never wear earrings, although I own lots of earrings
82. When I was young, I had a reoccurring nightmare about a giant purple Buddha-type monster. I had to lock him away so he couldn't hurt people. He got loose and came to our family reunion and grabbed me off a picnic table and took me away from my family.
83. I also had a reoccurring nightmare of the Abdominal Snowman breaking into my grandparent's house. He was there to take me away from my family.
84. My third reoccurring dream was of this mean and strange couple who kidnapped me from my family. Do you see a pattern here?
85. I actually had the nightmare mentioned in #84 as an adult, after we had moved to Missouri
86. I was just tagged for this 25 Random Things again, so that makes nine times
87. When I turned five, my cousin Ronnie got me a black kitten for my birthday. I named him Fluffy, and he was a part of our family until my Senior year
88. My husband says my laptop is a permanent extension of my body
89. I still have the holes on the insides of my cheeks from the wires on my braces. My braces were removed in Eighth Grade
90. I have a history of being injured by farm animals. I've been injured by a horse, cows, sheep (individually and as a group), and a pig.
91. The only broken bones I've ever had are toes and fingers.
92. I used to love to make beaded jewelry and have lots of supplies, but haven't made anything for years.
93. My Senior Year, a.k.a. the year I was 17, was the worst year of my life.
94. Nestea, chocolate chip cookies, Snapdragons, and birds (most specifically cardinals) will always remind me of my grandma
95. I'd much rather e-mail or instant message than talk on the phone
96. But, there are some people I love to talk on the phone to for hours
97. My high school graduating class has never had a class reunion (we graduated in 1993)
98. I caught a 21.4 pound 37.25 inch Striped Bass in a reservoir in Ohio
99. That fish hangs on my wall and all men immediately assume my husband caught that fish, which really gets me fired up!
100. I'd rather be fishing :-)

101. I'm a major tomboy
102. I'm love electronic gadgets
103. I can not say the word "rural" - it just doesn't come out right
104. When I say pull, pool, or pole, it all sounds the same
105. I'd take a Burger King Whopper, Siciliano's Pizza (Ohio pizza shop), Aunt Judy's Seven Layer Salad, or chips and Lawson's dip over a gourmet meal any day
106. I love nature and walking through the woods
107. I'm an inexperienced cook, but the things I do know how to make are good
108. I collect deer stuff
109. I collect books by my favorite authors
110. I collect farm and farm animal stuff
111. I college Border Collie and dog stuff
112. I collect a lot of stuff
113. I hate to dust :-P
114. I'm almost constantly thirsty
115. My husband says I pee about every fifteen minutes :-P (yeah, he's pretty much correct)
116. Believe it or not, I'm very shy
117. Blogging has become a very important part of my life
118. I want to learn how to take photos with manual settings
119. I'm watching the Puppy Bowl, which is making me seriously think I need more dogs :-P
120. I suffer from headaches and migraines.
121. I want to learn online scrapbooking, but don't really have the time for another addiction. (I now have Stacey's attention hehe)
122. Cream Soda and Ginger Ale make me nauseous.
123. London's chocolate covered pretzels are the ultimate treat
124. I can not deal with the smell of spoiled milk
125. I'd rather be fishing :-)

126. I love the television show House
127. I love the show 24
128. I like Grey's Anatomy
129. I like Private Practice
130. I like American Idol
131. I used to like the show Wildfire
132. I have no decorating sense
133. I'm so excited and eager for when our house is finished, but secretly nervous because of #132
134. When I was young, I dreamed of my log cabin in the woods, with flower beds and ponds, but I never dreamed of my wedding like most little girls (my step-daughter is having a heart attack after reading that)
135. On one hand, I can count the number of pictures I have of my husband and me together. (that would be because he's a funsucker)
136. Christmas is my favorite holiday, but it just wasn't the same this year. I missed my family so much I could physically feel it.
137. I feel very inadequate fashion/clothes wise at my new job at the university. This would be because i have no fashion sense.
138. I have a very hard time gaining weight
139. I would love to learn woodworking, especially to make picture frames
140. When my cousin's wife (one of my best friends) had breast cancer and lost her hair due to the chemo, I engineered "The Anonymous Earrings Saga", which involved her receiving over a dozen pair of earrings in the mail from over a dozen different locations, but never a return address. At the end, she received a final two pair of earrings and a story of the whole saga and everyone involved.
141. I love Mystery and Legal Thriller/Mystery books
142. Sara Donati/Rosina Lippi is one of my favorite authors (She's the same person... if you haven't read The Wilderness Series by Sara Donati - do it NOW!)
143. I think John Grisham is amazing
144. Barbara Kingsolver's Prodigal Summer is one of my favorite books of all time, but I absolutely hated her book Poisonwood Bible
145. I'm addicted to James Patterson books, especially the Women's Murder Club Series
146. I have never, ever dyed my hair, although I really would love to get highlights, but can't afford it
147. I used to tell my grandma that I would get her tickets to watch me play volleyball in the Olympics
148. I love playing Wordscraper and Scramble on Facebook
149. I type 80-85 words per minute
150. I'd rather be fishing :-)

151. Hubs recently installed our bathtub - I keep forgetting to buy bubble bath - Anyone know if there is any aromatherapy type bubble bath? I'm sure there is - if not, there should be!
152. At the outdoor wedding reception of my step-dad and the woman who gave birth to me, I fell on some metal used to create a strawberry garden and had to get stitches in my hand and leg
153. I'm an excessive worrier. Seriously, I constantly worry. I'm trying very, very hard to fight this, but I've been worrying for so long, it's hard to overcome.
154. When I was young, I had chocolate ice cream or a fudgesicle (or three) every night
155. I am a christian and pray throughout the day and every night, but I do admit to sharing some Native American beliefs too.
156. I share a unique, amazing, and unexplainable mental connection with my dad and some of my friends/family, but it's strongest with my dad... to the point that we call each other at the same time and can often read each others minds'. I could tell you some amazing and unbelievable stories.
157. I like cows
158. More and more I realize that I really miss raising sheep
159. I hate hay season
160. I always wanted to learn to play guitar, so Hubs got me a guitar for our first Christmas. I took some lessons, but then, life got too hectic. I don't have enough time (or confidence) to practice, so I can't play hardly at all.
161. Hubs and I don't exchange gifts... not for Christmas, birthdays, Valentine's, anniversary... nuthin.
162. In August, we will have been married for eight years
163. I call my BBFF (Tammy) Moron and she calls me Dork - my step-daughter calls me Dork too.
164. When I was young, my aunt nicknamed me Termite. All the girls she coached called me Termite too. That was really a pain when I was in high school, we were playing a volleyball scrimmage against the alumni and I would get ready to serve and hear "Come on Termite". Yeah, it's a big and bad and dang tough nickname, eh? Yeah, I can see you shaking.
165. The same aunt now calls me Rat
166. Somehow I progressed from a Termite to a Rat
167. I think I'm concerned that both nicknames are pests.
168. I love the sunsets in Missouri
169. I miss my dad so much sometimes I can't stand it
170. I miss my aunts, uncles, and cousins like mad! My younger cousin had a baby... he will be one in May, and I haven't even met him yet!!! That's killin' me!
171. I like my new job but am scared to death that I'll never 'get it' and be as good as the girl who had this position before me. I've got big shoes to fill. (remember that fear of failure and low self-confidence)
172. I am really looking forward to having my flower/rock garden
173. I want a butterfly bush
174. I want several butterfly bushes
175. I'd rather be fishing :-)

176. I used to dream of having a log cabin in the woods with a long driveway and on each side of the driveway would be Azalea bushes lining the whole drive... all different colors. Then, there would be flower beds full of all different colored Snapdragons in front of my log cabin. Yes, I know I'm strange
177. I love giving gifts and usually can't wait for the receiver to receive the gift. Therefore, my dad receives his Father's Day gifts in April (or earlier hehe).
178. I loved Sara Donati's Wilderness Series so much I joined a forum she had. I met some of the greatest people there! They were a huge part of my life when I really needed friends, and, even though I don't get to talk to them much now, they will ALWAYS mean the world to me! *waving at my Wilderness Forum Friends - I LOVE you guys!!!*
179. I've only been to the ocean once
180. I don't think I could actually swim in the ocean because of my fear of sharks. Yes, I realize this is crazy, but I'm keepin' it honest here.
181. I can't believe it's February already!
182. Yes, I'm struggling here trying to come up with more things...
183. I'm really a pretty boring person
184. After we moved to Missouri, I got a wildlife tea set at an estate auction. It was the first thing I had ever bid on at an auction, but I wanted that tea set bad. hehe
185. When I was a baby, my oldest cousin used to carry me around and I would play with his long hair. I also used to tug on one of my uncle's beard. So, now, when I hug my cousin, I tug on his ponytail, and I also give my uncle's beard a pull.
186. I really don't like politics at all.
187. History and Geography were (and still are) my worst subjects.
188. English/Writing was (and still is) my best subject.
189. I have a lot of friends, and they mean the world to me, but if you hurt me or betray my trust, I have a hard time getting past it.
190. I want an aquarium again.
191. I used to have an aquarium and would have lots of Fancy Tailed Guppies - I LOVED them!
192. Yes, I named all my fish (and frogs)
193. Yes, I had frogs in my aquarium - they were cute
194. I had a salamander in my aquarium when I was married the first time. The salamander would always crawl out of the aquarium and we'd find him halfway down the hallway and put him back in the aquarium. He eventually dried himself out (Dummy)
195. Hubs and I received a Great Pyrenees puppy from my dad as a wedding present. I SOOOOO miss that dog!
196. Before Hubs, I had a Golden Retriever (Cheyenne) who was my whole world. I miss her too.
197. I want to see the movie Marley & Me - I read the book twice
198. I want to see Hotel for Dogs!!!
199. I want ALL the McD Happy Meal Hotel for Dogs figurines! I don't want the meals - just the toys!
200. I'd rather be fishin' :-)

201. I fed my science fair projects (mice) to my dad's friend's python. Dad took pictures of me holding the python. Grandma had a fit and forbid me from being with my dad ever again. hehehehe That didn't last long.
202. I love garage sales.
203. My husband's cousin became one of my best friends (and my partner-in-crime) and is responsible for introducing me to many of my addiction/obsessions (i.e. Flicker, blogging, etc.)
204. The above cousin-in-law/ BF, has a mother who spoils me rotten and makes the most yummy Seven Layer Salad :-)
205. I love thrift stores
206. I want to start listening to audiobooks on my way to and from work, but need to get an FM transmitter first.
207. I love fish fries
208. I love baked potatoes, but bacon bits give me heartburn
209. I love croutons
210. I love cheese - reaallllly I do!
211. My grandma was the most amazing woman I have ever known and will ever know
212. My grandparents were the most important and influential people in my life.
213. I often wake at night with some sort of 'writing' running through my head - if I don't write it down, I lose it - when I wake, it's gone.
214. I won many ribbons at our local fair's photography contest and I'm pretty proud of that.
215. I'm ignoring many important things, like Wordscraper games, to write this
216. My Ohio lawyer-boss is one of my favorite people in the whole world. I love him more than words can express.
217. My cousin-in-law/partner-in-crime's beagle (Luv you LuLu) ran behind me while she was on one of those expandable leashes. I had shorts on. Her leash burned into my legs. I still have scars across my legs. hehehe - I love you Goosey!!!
218. My cat Mokey is a tramp.... It's OK, we still love her
219. I'm watching the superbowl for the commercials :-) I LOVE the Budweiser commercials
220. I've been told I look like Julia Roberts... I don't see the resemblance at all. (I could only wish I looked like her - she's gorgeous!)
221. I DO love the movie Erin Brockovich
222. I hear everything... my husband is half-deaf... I think I have adjusted to make up for his lack of hearing. I once heard my boss's stopwatch beeping... it was on the third floor, and we were on the first.
223. The same boss (lawyer-boss) calls me Radar, because we've worked together long enough I sometimes read his mind.
224. I love it here, but still miss Ohio
225. If you have read all of this, you are either extremely bored, really love me, or feel very sorry for me. Therefore, thank you, I love you, and I'd rather be fishing :-)

Tag someone? Are you kidding? Everyone I know has already tagged me! So, I'm taggin' y'all back (just to let you know I did it). So there!


Misty DawnS

Dang that was LONG! Glad I have expandable posts ;-P


Holy coW! You have time on your hands ;)


Crikey Misty how did you think of all those things? :0


I read it all. Because I love ya.

These ones are the same answers I would give (now how sad or bored am I that I will actually go through that list and tell you this? I'm not bored and I hope, not sad but just couldn't believe what we have in common....!)

# 7,9,10,19,20,22,24,
# 27,29,32,33,34(but I need one), 35,44,
# 52(Grandma's place my fave), 62(hate liver),67,68,69,70,71,73,74,
# 76,77,79,81,95,96,
# 106,107,109,113,118,120,124,
# 137,148(which is why i quit it - i couldn't stop!!),
# 155(no other beliefs - just christian), 161(except wedding anniversary),
# 177(re love giving gifts), 181,183,186,187,188,192,198,
# 208,209,211,225

How's that for pure unadulterated madness? *mwah*

Finding Pam

I love all the special things about you. I am in agreement with most of them. Thanks for the insite. Amazing how much more people are alike than different if you just look closely.

I only did 25 on facebook. Maybe you will know how I change my facebook signin email address to a new address? I am still so incredibley inept at the computer, but I keep aking and trying.


My goodness I don't know that much about myself. I didn't know I was expected to tag anyone but I won't I hate being tagged


I had hard enough time to think of 16 things for me to do on it...WOW you did 225!!! You are amazing! No wonder why you're my BBFF!


LOL Misty, I actually read this whole thing! I started out by myself but by the time I got to number 10, my 12 year old was listening and my husband was chuckling, then by #15, by 10 year old jumped in and we were all cracking up. My son Sean said that was the best ending sentence ever!:) It was SO much fun and just so you guys think you are really cool because THEY'D RATHER BE FISHING TOO! :)

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