Sunday, February 15, 2009

Winkie Says...

When we decided to raise sheep in Ohio, it was a new experience. We had only ever had cattle on the farm prior to that, and we didn't know much about sheep. So, I took it upon myself to read as many "How To" and educational books about raising sheep as I could. Unfortunately, I had this annoying habit of saying, "The book says..." or, "Mr. So-And-So says..." (Mr. So-And-So being the author). Hubs always reassured me he appreciated my help, but I'm thinking he might have just been sayin' that.

Imagine, when we got dogs, if I would have said "Well, Winkie says...". That would have got Hubs attention immediately! I'm sure the response I would have received would be something like, "What does Winkie say, and who the heck is Winkie?" What? Now you wanna know who Winkie is, don't you? OK, Winkie Spiers is an author who wrote the book called "How To Handle Living With Your Dog".

If you visit Short Stack Publishing, you can find Winkie's book, along with many other educational books. Oh come on, you know you're intrigued now with my talk of Winkie. Go over to the home of the How to Handle Series and check out Winkie and much more!


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