Thursday, February 19, 2009

Winners of GTD

(c) Misty DawnS

Why this picture? I dunno. Simply because it caught my eye in my massive file of photos, which desperately needs to be organized, but isn't, because I desperately need more time in a day or more day in a week, or something like that. (How was that for a run on sentence?) That photo probably caught my eye because we've presently got wind chills of zero again, but that photo makes me feel warm. *sigh*

Anyway... only TWO people guessed the correct dog in yesterday's edition of "Guess That Doggy". The two people who guessed correctly were also the last two people to leave comments - go figure! So, my congratulations go out to:

Noelle of A Portrait of the Human Heart
(Have you been to her blog? I love it! This girl can write, I'm tellin' ya!)


Anna of Beth & Cory's Mom
(who should not get a prize, because she managed to guess correctly, yet still find time to get a dig in at me in her comment. Geesh - I should have made more rules to this game).

Those two guessed that it was my beautiful and sweet Molly-Collie running towards me in the picture. She turned eight years old in December, but she always starts running like a happy puppy when she sees me. That just melts my heart.

Anywho (gosh, am I rambling again?) - Noelle and Anna will be receiving a fabulous prize of blog bling very soon (and some cat supplies for Anna's sweet kitty). I will either post it here or e-mail it. Congrats.

P.S. Anna, just kidding on the cat supplies... Don't try to hold me to that ;-P



If I didn't know which doggie it was because you told me I would have had to guess. Good thing I didn't enter. They are all so beautiful!


That's a gorgeous photo above. And beautiful doggy below. :o)


No cat supplies? Tillie is going to be heart-broken.

Your Molly is such a gorgeous girl!

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