Saturday, March 21, 2009

Camera-Critters #50

* * Disclaimer * *
I had WAY too much fun with this bird,
which would be why I took an excessive amount of photos
of this bird,
which would probably be why this bird
haunts my dreams...
with its iridescent feathers, long and pointy beak and...
Seriously - I ain't kiddin' ya!
Just look at the pictures - they speak for themselves!
You'll see... just don't look too long and hard - you'll have
Don't say I didn't warn ya!

Looooong and pointy beak...
(c) Misty DawnS

Shiny, iridescent feathers...
(*humming* the coat of many feathers... errr colors, my mama gave to me...)
Oh yeah, where were we... proceed to next pic now, please....
(c) Misty DawnS

Let's take another look at the iridescence and that
dang pointy beak!!!
Seriously - that would hurt!! I'm just sayin'!
And then we have... (psst - scroll to the next pic now)
(c) Misty DawnS

People!!! I TRIED to warn you, but you did NOT listen!
What do I have to do to get you to listen to me?
Oh, don't give me that "It's your CC post, and I had to look." excuse.
Just don't come runnin' to me when you have nightmares from this...


Does that not feel like it's boring right into your brain, or what???
(c) Misty DawnS

Hey... come back... it's O.K. I didn't mean to scare ya!
It's just a picture!!!

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He does seem a bit critical about you and your camera :) Lovely pictures, do you by any chance know the exact species? I think it's some kind of starling, but can't get further than that.


Yes, luv the iridescent feathers...the beady, little eye - not so much! LoL...

Great shots, tho. Thanks for sharin' em, and have a great weekend ahead!


Lots of good photos and information. Thanks!


more birdies...yes...I LOVE camera critter day!!!

Reader Wil

The bird might have an evil eye, but he is beautiful, no doubt about that! Have a great weekend!


WOW! Wonderful colors! I love those 'shiny iridescent' feathers!

david mcmahon

Mist, that third shot is BRILLIANT!!


He he - he sure did give you the eye didn't he?

I joined in this week Mist! Come and see!

(You do great shots of birds. Got the colours and the texture and everything. Perfect. Including the evil EYE!) lol

Anonymous does have a sinister look to it! Great shots!

Adrienne Zwart

Misty, I love coming here. Your posts always make me smile. You have got a quirky sense of humor that is just so appealing. :) That bird was definitely watching you! Is it a grackle?


LOL funny one! But... you're right, that peak looks awfully sharp.


He does seem a bit ominous!


His relatives have been hanging around my landscape, too ... giving me the eye ... (music in the background!!!)......


Wonderful photo essay and as always you make me smile with your humor!
I so love the irreidescence on black birds and I like that blue I see too.


Maybe our winged friend told a few lies.

i beati

what is this?Halloween?


I love you post! I never thought of them as scary. But the beak if a tad bit pointy. Have a great week.

Coy Hill

LOL! I can see you really were not that afraid of the shiny grackle :)


Lovely! Great bird.


Beautiful feathers...but you're right, totally creepy eye.

I'm running away now, sorry!!

Teena in Toronto

Who's the crazy lazy lady taking pix of me :) Ha!

I played too :)


Okay now I'm totally thinking of Stephen King! ;o)


Interesting bird indeed! :-) But I don't think it's harmful. Have a nice Sunday! Ciao! :-)


Common Grackles are evil birds. Last year we had one come out here during the Winter. It hung our around my house, but every time I went to find it, it went somewhere else. Evil birds...yes...very evil. 8v) Nice photos.


Do birds EVER look happy? I mean really? Great shots though:)

EG CameraGirl

It's great that the bird stayed around to let you shoot...and shoot...and shoot. ;-)


I love how he shines! He doesn't intimidate me lol
he's just got an attitude

Jane Hards Photography

It's the range of colours that are so beautiful.


Sh... I think the bird is beautiful but.. shhh.. I still want to gget it.



He doesn't seem very impressed that he's getting his picture taken! Have a great day!!



Thank you for visiting my blog.
Great photos. Your header photo is so precious!!


You should NEVER watch the Hitchcock film, The Birds. Seriously!

Lovely pictures of a beautiful bird these are ;-)


I love the colors on this bird! I finally got a zoom lens for my camera, so I will be trying my hand out at birds when I get a chance. This week, I'm featuring B/F/Fs for my CC. Happy Weekend!!!


great capture. Such a lovely bird. Thanks for visiting my blog.


great capture. Such a lovely bird. Thanks for visiting my blog.


Love the last two photos - the way you can see the individual feathers!!!


A good series of the grackle. They remind me of miniature crows. As usual I enjoy how you added humor to the post. Very good reading.


I loved your photos of this very interesting bird. He is very expressive, at least you make him to be. Fun post!

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The eye is brightly captured. I like the sharpness of the critters eye.


What a cute little feather ball !




Ok, yeah, here I sit all doped up on cold meds then you put that mean evil thing into my head. I will have nightmares for sure! I do love his iridescence though!


You are so funny I love the commentary it really works. Oh yeah about my background thanks for the compliment. I am a purple person....


Grackles do look like they are up to something bad....

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