Friday, March 27, 2009

Looking at the Sky on Friday

WooHooo! It's Friday! Not only is it the end of the work week for most people (not me, I've still got to work, but that's beside the point), it's also time for the fun and wonderful meme where we spend our time Looking at the Sky on Friday! (Click on the badge to join on the fun!)

(c) Misty DawnS

Trust me on this - this photo is really cool when viewed larger.

These ducks were visiting my pond last weekend. I was taking photos of them while they were on the pond, and I snapped a few photos when they flew from the pond. I was a bit surprised to discover that this was my favorite photo out of the series of shots I got of the Northern Shovelers and ... ummmm... (crap where's Bear when I need him... I know he said 'something-Teals'. Ohhhh Bear will be so disappointed in me. hehe). Anyway, these are Northern Shovelers and 'something-Teals'. At the risk of sounding conceited, I think this photo is really awesome when you view it large.

If your are interested in this fun and awesome meme, just click on the badge at the top of the post and join us.

Don't forget to gather up your critter photos and join Camera-Critters this weekend!!! (I'm REALLY looking forward to sharing this week's critter photos with you! I'm so happy with them, that I considered saving them for next week, since it will be the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY... but I can't wait that long - I kinda lack in the patience department when I'm excited about something.)



Oh wow, you're is much better biggified! What a fabulous photo. I couldn't see the sky for the lovely birds. I was amazed by them. VERY awesome capture. I'm impressed.

Thanks so much for playing along. Have a wonderful weekend.


I love birds in flight! this is a great photo!!


Hey! I've got ducks this week, too! Of course, they are only the silhouettes of ducks because I was so far away but I thought they came out kinda nice against the bright blue sky we had.


Yup...great shot; I'll look forward to your CC posts this week!


You're so right. I could see all the pretty colors when I enlarged it. I like things better enlarged.

Tink *~*~*

I clicked! I can count the feathers on some of them :)

Tink *~*~*
Fort Myers Beach Moon


I thought you were going to write down the names. 8v)

Blue-winged Teal is the one you forgot.


Great photo, Misty! I wish I had critters to share with you! But thanks for commenting at my "Looking at the Sky..." post! :)




Looking at the picture in the larger size really is best. The ducks look magnificent in their beginnings of flight. Cool Photo!

Happily Retired Gal

Yup ... it DEFINITELY was worth a closer look by making larger. Wonderful capture ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Jane Hards Photography

Always love a bird in flight lot. Terrific.


That's an awesome flying photo! So are you gonna frame it?

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