Monday, March 16, 2009

Meet My Friends Monday #2

I'm very excited to do this meme this week, because I definitely have a fitting post for it. This is because I actually had the wonderful and exciting pleasure of meeting one of my online friends in person!!! Yep! I met Barb (a.k.a. Skittles) of Skittles Place!

It was so much fun meeting her, although I already feel like I've known her forever. I had thought that if I ever met one of my online friends I would be very nervous. However, that wasn't the case when I met Barb. It was like we had hung out together many times... probably because we have, only virtually. I had a blast - Barb and Mike are really fun people, and we have many inside jokes... some of which inspired them to get me the present pictured below...

Some of the inside jokes that may make some of you raise your eyebrows or shake your heads:
"You can keep your dang Band-Aids!"
"SEE! It IS possessed! It keeps snorting and watching me!"
"You mean my little thing is losing its overdrive???"
"Shup Mike, nobody asked you."
"That might be what I said, but it's not what I meant! Duh!"
"Huggin' and Luvin' the Banana"
"The Capers of Gina's Worldy Travels"
"Anti-Windmill Painting Protesters"
"I have abilities - they's just small."
Oh there are soooooo many more. All I can say is Barb and Mike are great people and a lot of fun... It was so awesome meeting them!

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Awww.. it was soooooooo nice to meet you, too! And I very proud to have been your.. first.

*Lights a smoke*

Psst.. the pig is watching you.

Psst.. Gina tried on your purple cape when you weren't looking.

I have to go hug my Banana now...


Awww! That is so cool! I'm glad ya'll were able to meet. :)


That's cool that you met up!


Awwww that sounds great! I would love to meet you. I really really would. Blast that big pond! (And my inability to swim that far!)


And it looks like you really enjoyed yourselves. That's good.


That is so cool that you guys got to meet! :o)


What fun... I've met one of my blogging pals who ended up not living too far from me... it's great. Take Care...

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