Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pet Photo Contest

After you read about this pet photo contest, scroll down for my Camera Critters post - it features one of my favorite photos I've ever taken!

Earlier this week, I was sent an e-mail asking if I would promote a pet photo contest. It seems some people think I like animals and pets. Hmmmph wonder where they would get a crazy idea like that! Anyway, considering that we have over 100 participants for Camera-Critters each week, and y'all mean the absolute world to me, I feel it's my duty to tell you about a critter photo contest! So, go enter, and good luck! Whatever you win, we split - HEY, it's only fair - I told ya about the contest!!! hehe I'm just kidding! Oh, and just so you know - I AM NOT being compensated for telling you about this contest. I am not being paid for this post - I was simply sent an e-mail asking if I would tell you about it, and I jumped at the chance. Here's some more information, but don't forget to visit my Camera-Critters post while you're here!!! It has one of my favorite photos I've ever taken! (The contest for March ends in just a few days, but I think they have contests each month.)

  • sponsors a Funny Pet Photo Contest.
  • Win up to $300 a week - Daily prizes! (over $3,500 given away so far).
  • is a social network for pets and the people who love them.

This month is all about fun at Anamigo. We are looking for the
funniest pets in the United States!

Can your pet make people laugh? Than grab your camera and make
us laugh! Not only will you bring smiles to thousands of pet lovers
just like you, but there is a chance you will be laughing all the way
to bank with up to $300!

Participation is limited to U.S. residents




Oh, boy, thanks for letting us know! I love pet photo contests. That company was smart to contact you!


Did you enter? Can we vote for you?


It does sound like a fun lil contest. :)

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