Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Puppy No More

(c) Misty DawnS

It has come time for me to accept the fact that my 'puppy' really isn't a puppy anymore. She's two years old, and each day it seems she's looking more and more mature. Yes, I realize I sound like a mother talking about her child - so what! My baby is growing up... *waaaaaahhhh*. My Molly is now eight years old; Tag is seven years old; and my baby is two years old. *Sigh* Time goes too fast. So, either I need to check into social security... OR, I could just get another puppy. Yeah - I'm thinking that second option is a FANTASTIC idea. Who volunteers to talk Hubs into it for me???


Noelle Dunn.... A Poet in Progress

I'll talk to hubs for you! :) and your baby will always be your baby no matter what anyway...My baby is three.


The youngest is ALWAYS the puppy... until a NEW puppy is brought into the house ;)


Hey diddle diddle,
My puppy goes piddle.
The fork ran away with the spoon.
The knife was fork 'n pissed.

*sneaks away*


She sure is a gorgeous animal. 8v) do realize, she is now at that "terrible twos" stage.

Lilli & Nevada

Oh Misty, i know how you feel it took me two yrs to talk hubby into letting me have my Princess and still he guffed at it but you know he wouldn't give her up for a million bucks, go for it.


Ah two years old and all grown up! :)

Tell hubby you've done a poll and every blogger voted that you should get a new puppy! ;)


She is so beautiful!

My "puppy" is nearly 5 years old and we still call her the baby.

Sandra Carvalho

Isn't she adorable!?


She's adorable! I think she needs a puppy to play with! ;-)



I thought Tag was older. Hmm.. :)


I brought up the idea of a third waggy with hubs but he talked me out of it. Good luck with yours. Great blog by the way. Warm greetings from Hilary in Sussex, England.


How about we get him drunk, then tell him about the puppy? Or we could do what I do with John, ask him while he's half asleep so he doesn't realize what he's saying yes to. LOL


Molly's 4 now, but she's still my baby dog and always will be ;--)
Hugs and blessings,


ah she has a lovely little face. all grown up but still a cutie. bet the boys like to sniff her lmao!

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