Wednesday, March 4, 2009

WW *Barn Shadows*

(c) Misty DawnS

I took this picture because of the perfect windmill shadow on the barn. Later, when showing it to my great friend, Bear, he pointed out that it looked like the trees were coming after the windmill. We determined that I had my own little horror scene being played out on the side of my barn. Don't be afraid - they're just shadows - they can't really hurt you... or, can they?

Well, I see from the led light on my alarm clock that I need to be heading to work... Anna and Noelle, I promise to get your blog bling to you very soon. It has been a hectic week on my end. I can't believe this week is only halfway through!

Well, I haven't really been wordless (am I ever?), but click here to check out Wordless Wednesday!



Very neat! It looks so cool!


It DOES look like the tree shadows are stalking the windmill shadow!!! Only thing scarier here would be a nun, a preacher and some ants!

I played WW this week, too. ;)


Hey!!!! Who painted my barn??????


Very cool!!!


That's a great shot Misty!


Love the shadows! Thanks for participating in my "describe your life in 6 words" question - it was fun to read your thoughts! Glad I could help pass the time on your way home! :-) Happy WW!


I wonder what the trees were planning to do to that poor windmill?


Wow, very cool shadow work! I LOVE IT!!

Sharkbytes (TM)

What a great picture!


What a fun picture!


Oh we love that puppy dog. and you pics...congrats on POTD from David.


Great capture!
(I hope the windmill got away safely!)

Congratulations on being on David's Post of the Day Award blog!

Sniffles and Smiles

Absolutely fantastic! So crisp! And your reflections on the horror potential are very funny! Congrats on being mentioned in POTD! Well-deserved!

Eddie Bluelights

What a terrific shot! The chances of that occuring on a random basis would next to none. Congratulations on POTD. Best wishes, came via David's page

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