Wednesday, March 11, 2009

WW, CCC, and other Acronyms

Corny Captions to Consider
(for this WW featuring MM)
"Whatever it was... Tag did it!"
"Mom, I know you're there, even when you try to hide."
"I can get away with anything if I just give her this look."
"I wonder if she knows I just ate a pair of her shoes."
"It's a tough job being so cute, but somebody's gotta do it."
"I've got my work cut out for me training these humans."

(c) Misty DawnS


That Janie Girl

What an innocent look!


That has got to be a border collie thing. Boomer gives me that look daily! And yes, I get sucked in by it just like you.


Too cute. Too cute.


She's got you sussed! :)


"I know where Gina hid the RC stuff, but she told me not to tell."


I would know that look anywhere, my Pepeu gives me that look at least once a day. I swear border collies have the most expressive faces ever.

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